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Monday, January 4, 2016

Let It Go, Kill the Thought, and Move On

I believe that we're all born with an evil inclination. Depending on how we're raised, the environment that we're brought up in, and how resilient we are, it's important that we work on ourselves, be open to learning what's right from wrong, and become wise enough to choose good over evil.

Even when we make mistakes, and we all have made them, and will likely keep making some mistakes, it's important that we learn and grow from those mistakes. As we get older and wiser, perhaps we'll learn not to make those same mistakes. Instead, we'll make brand-new mistakes. Seriously though, growing older doesn't necessarily mean that we'll make better decisions than someone who's younger, unless we've learned certain things throughout our journey. So despite what age we are, we have the power within ourselves to grow, and learn to think and act out of a place of higher consciousness.

I've come across many situations where people have asked me advice on certain subjects in which they feel that they know that they're doing something wrong, or that they're having thoughts of an impure nature, and they've asked me what they can do, and how can they control themselves. They stress how difficult it is to choose the right path, knowing that they need to choose the right path, but that they've been struggling choosing it. They feel that certain temptations have been basically, sucking them in and pulling at them so to speak. 

There will always be toxic situations, toxic people, negative influences, and things that we know deep, down inside that we should distance ourselves from, or avoid. Sometimes it's not only hard to let go of certain situations or people that aren't good for us to be around, but it can be so difficult that many times we fall, and continue on a negative path, falling deeper, and deeper into that situation.

Remember that when the glass is broken, it's broken, and you shouldn't be in situations that are unhealthy, toxic, or that you've already experienced hardship from. Keep looking forward, and recognize each day as a new start, and a new reason to start something new. Instead of going back into old, painful situations that you know previously didn't work. Sometimes things are easier said, than done, and I understand that at times, it can be very difficult to let go of situations, because of all of the good that they might've had, as well as the bad. But, you have to make decisions that will benefit you not only now, but in your future as well.

The same way that I give others advice on things at times, it doesn't mean that I always make the right decisions, nor does it mean that I don't mess up a lot of the time. This is something that I work on as well. Some of us need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. While others learn certain things early on in their lives, and choose a better path from the start, not having to experience the hardship of falling down, before learning what not to do.

So the question remains, How do we control ourselves enough not to think of or contact someone that we know isn't good for us, especially, when the desire is there? Like I said before, many times things are easier said, than done. However, you have to have a certain amount of self-control, and you should be self-aware enough to know that what you're doing is not only going to stunt your growth, stall you on your journey, but it will leave you in a state of misery, and discomfort for some time.

It's important that once you realize that a situation or a person isn't a good match for you, and this even goes for friendships that are toxic, you need to get out of the situation. Many times you even need to end situations like that cold turkey. It's important to take care of yourself, and to love yourself enough to recognize that what you're doing is wrong.

I definitely feel that it's better to be alone, rather than with the wrong person. You should love yourself enough not to let unneeded stresses or toxicity be a part of your life, especially when we already have a certain amount of daily stresses that we all have to live with. Why add more to your plate than you need to. When it comes to contacting someone that you know isn't good for you, someone that you said you wouldn't contact, and whether you told yourself you wouldn't contact the person or if you told the person directly, don't contact them. 

As soon as the toxic person or situation comes to your mind, and you notice yourself starting to daydream or think of them, there's one simple thing that you can do that might actually help you out a lot. I like to call this special trick "killing the thought." It's important that as soon as you start thinking of the person or the situation that you know isn't good for you and if you're trying to distance yourself from them, simply kill the thought the second that it comes to your mind. Distract yourself, and do anything that you can to take your mind off of the person or the situation.

Think about it this way, if you know that fire is going to burn you, you don't touch it right? So when you know that a situation isn't good for you, avoid it, stay away from it, and end it. We all know what's right from wrong instinctively, but whether we choose right over wrong is up to us, and depending on the path that we choose to take, we're going to have to live with the consequences of that decision. 

Choose good over evil, choose right over wrong, and you know deep, down inside if something isn't right, and if you should stay away from a certain person or situation. Whether you know that a certain person or situation is going to be toxic, if you already know that you're not the right match, or if they're possibly even married to someone else, and you're having thoughts of infidelity, it's important to go down the better path. Let it go, kill the thought, and move on. There will always be temptations in life, but not all things that tempt you will be in your best interest. Many times you're going to have to be smart enough to walk away or look in the other direction. 

Always try to think of possible consequences in any tempted situation. There will always be people and things that you feel will try to seduce you into choosing a different path than you ultimately want to go on. It's important not to fall into that deep, dark hole. Choose the path that has light at the end of the tunnel, instead of at the beginning. Remember, short-term light, long-term darkness is not what you should strive for. Instead, be aware enough to recognize and understand that short-term darkness, and long-term light is a better and safer path, and will ultimately bring about happiness, as well as bring you to a higher level of consciousness.

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