7 Tips to Cope With Snoring and Your Relationship

The following is a contributor article by Neer Tiwari: Is snoring ruining your relationship? Though this may seem like a w...

Monday, May 27, 2019

7 Tips to Cope With Snoring and Your Relationship


The following is a contributor article by Neer Tiwari:

Is snoring ruining your relationship? Though this may seem like a weird question, this trait or condition is capable of resulting in that. 

Studies have revealed that snoring can have major adverse effects on your relationships, especially with your sleeping partner. Take, for example, a hypothetical situation where your husband snores. Naturally, after some days of coping, you may be impelled to move to a different room. This is bound to take a toll on your relationship with your partner. 

A recurring snoring problem often creates not only exhaustion but also resentment and frustration between the couples. It can interfere with emotional and sexual relationships and can push couples for sleeping in separate bedrooms. 

Moreover, at times, snoring happens with age and therefore one won’t notice this in his or her partner in the first few years. This makes things worse as the non-snoring counterparts are not prepared for this development.

With Some Couples, Snoring Can Lead to Realtime Disharmony 

Snoring doesn’t affect every couple in similar ways. There are some snorers whose partners won’t even take notice as they have a very deep sleep. However, that is not the case always.

Partners who are non-snorers are bound to get irritated if they have to shake their partners time and again as they are loud snorers. Moreover, since the non-snoring people do not get to sleep well because of their snoring partners, they also resort to cribbing and having a sour mood the next day. Moreover, there is a potential resentment cropping up between couples as they keep on waking each other up. 

While sleeping on the couch seems a little harsh, research has revealed that couple who sleep for less than 7 hours tend to fight more. That is why lying awake as your partner snores can cause more than just frustration. 

It is for this reason that you should start working to control your snoring. Here are some ways of doing so.

Reduce Your Body Weight

If you are overweight it is a quite common cause of snoring as the extra weight can enhance the size of tissues around the neck and place extra pressure on the breathing passageways. This will include improving the diet and exercising which will contribute towards losing a few pounds. 

Try to Sleep on Your Side

If you tend to snore you should try to avoid sleeping on the back. It can lead the tongue to collapse at the back of the throat. That is why it is suggested that you use a body pillow that will enable you to sleep on your side. This way your tongue will stay in the frontal portion of the mouth which is exactly the place where it should be. 

Try Anti-Snoring Pillow

If you refuse to give up the preferred sleeping position then you can go for an anti-snoring pillow. It is designed for letting you continue sleeping on the back as you angle the body in a way which can prevent the snoring.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your dry mouth and throat can be amplified as the passageways lose flexibility. So you can keep a glass of water on your bedside table which will assist you to stay hydrated prior to and during the night. This will permit the easier breathing and will soften the passageways. 

Have a Hot Shower Prior to Going to Bed

If you have a hot shower, it will help to open up the nasal cavities. Moreover, you will also feel fresher if you take a bath and clean your body up prior to retiring to bed. This simple act will let both you and your partner sleep well at night. 

Go for The Tennis Ball Techniques

If you are not willing to use the anti-snoring pillows or the full-sized pillows in between you two then the tennis ball technique comes to your saviour. This will naturally train your body to sleep on the side. Naturally, your body will stop causing a racket at night and let both you and your partner sleep well at night. 

Exercise Your Throat

You should exercise your throat and tongue in a variety of stretches and motions. The muscles in the throat can weaken and the throats also get narrower. If you make your tongue and throat workout in the right way it will assist in strengthening the muscles. It can reduce snoring without investing a penny.

The above are some of the snoring treatments which can assist you to control your snoring and prevent it from having an adverse effect on your relationship with your partner. If these tips don’t help, you should immediately consult with a reputed sleep dentist who can guide you further in preventing your snoring problem and enable both you and your partner to have a good night’s sleep.   

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Damage of Being Lied to in Relationships

When it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship, certain fundamentals must be there. These fundamentals are like the pillars of the foundation, and they are what holds everything together. The analogy that I've always used to describe what's important in a relationship is referring to a relationship as the cake. The cake is the foundation. The frosting is great, but without the cake, the frosting is just frosting. There won't be any substance without the cake. In other words, the cake is the foundation and it's essential to have, just like the fundamentals are in relationships. The frosting I compare to things like being wealthy, looking like a GQ or Victoria's Secret model, or even having certain common interests that aren't necessarily required to make the relationship work. 

Some of these basic fundamentals that are essential to all relationships are honesty, trust, chemistry, and great communication. There are a few others as well, but these are a few of the most important ones if you ask me. It's important that none of these fundamentals are missing when dating someone, in a relationship, and especially when you're married. When it comes to trust not being there in a relationship, because you or your partner had taken that trust for granted, the relationship will likely have turbulence. Depending on how severe of the lie or action of dishonesty, the more turbulent the relationship will be, and the more that the trust will be broken. Unfortunately, sometimes you just can't forgive, and when the glass is broken, it's broken

For some people, trust is a hard thing to regain once you've been lied to or hurt by someone that you love. When someone has lied to you in a relationship, if you're willing to work on regaining that trust with the person, they will have to apologize, admit to their wrongdoing, be remorseful, and make you feel at ease that it won't happen again. Regaining someone's trust is imperative if you want to improve your relationship with one another. You should never take someone's trust for granted in the first place. That's an obvious statement, but once it happens, it happens, and you have two choices. You can either have turbulence in your relationship, be angry and bitter all of the time, and resent them for their dishonesty or you can give them another chance at regaining your trust and starting anew. 

It's important that if you choose to make things work in your relationship and to give your partner another chance at being an honest person and partner to you, then you must do so fully, and with a clean slate, as if nothing ever happened. This can be truly hard to do, as you've already lost trust in the person. However, you can still have a clean slate and give someone a brand-new beginning if you choose to. Having said that, I'd highly recommend doing so with a certain amount of caution. The fact of the matter is, when someone is capable of lying to any extent to someone that they love so dearly, it's likely that they could do it again. Having a forgiving heart is a very powerful and beautiful quality. Depending on how badly your trust was taken for granted, it's not necessarily a bad thing to give second chances in relationships

If you choose to stay with the person that lied to you, you basically need to do so with an open heart and not badger the person that lied to you, but give them a genuine chance at starting over. It's important to give people the benefit of the doubt when in doubt of their honesty, and especially when it's someone that you love. No one likes to be taken advantage of, and especially not by someone that they love. It's important that if you're willing to give your partner another shot at being honest and truthful to you in your relationship, that you do so with a accepting, trusting, loving, and forgiving heart. It's not an easy thing to do. But, if you want to grow from this hardship in your relationship, you have to be willing to let go, forgive, and make peace.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Bumble BFF Offers a New Way to Seek Friendship

The following is a guest post for BumbleBFF:

Today, American women often move long distances to seek jobs or start new businesses. People also marry later in life than they did in the past. This creates a need to find new friends during adulthood. In some ways, technology has made it harder to socialize. It's not easy to begin a conversation when so many people are fully engrossed in their mobile gadgets. Fortunately, these devices can also provide a solution.

Friend-Finding App

Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe has a tremendously busy life and frequently moves to different cities. She recently realized that business goals had prevented her from establishing any friendships. One of her companies is a popular online dating service known as Bumble. She decided to expand its app so that members could search for new friends as well.

This change didn't only occur as a result of Wolfe's personal observations. Bumble also received many suggestions calling for a feature that would help members locate new friends. Numerous users had searched for people of the same gender or asked for friends on their profiles. Consequently, Bumble BFF was born in 2016.

How it Works

Anyone with a compatible device can join Bumble and use its BFF mode to start a variety of friendships. A member might seek a close friend or just look for someone to bring along when attending parties. Either way, the first step is to obtain Bumble's mobile software from a major app store. It's possible to log in using a Facebook username and password.

To look for friends rather than dates, select "BFF" under "show" in the settings area. This hides a member's personal profile from people who use Bumble for dating purposes. Instead, fellow users who want friends will have the ability to see it. Non-dating conversations appear in green rather than the standard yellow highlighting.

Search Process

Bumble BFF helps people find friends in much the same way as it recommends appropriate dating partners. However, it prioritizes mutual interests and acquaintances when suggesting matches. Users swipe to the left if they're not interested and do the opposite when a person seems appealing. If two members select each other's profiles and swipe to the right, the system prompts them to begin a discussion within one day.

Favorable Results

Does it actually work? Various bloggers and other writers have shared their experiences with this app. The process resembles online dating in some ways. Members must spend some time looking at profiles, and they usually meet a few unsuitable individuals. Nevertheless, people eventually discover one or more desirable long-term friends with similar interests. 

To sum it up, Bumble has successfully adapted an online dating platform to help people develop new friendships. Its BFF feature satisfies the needs of many women who find it difficult to meet people in the workplace or local eateries. An automated matching system and user-specified search criteria combine to expedite the process. This new system was able to quickly attract numerous users because Bumble already had millions of members who joined it for dating purposes.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Power of Appreciation on Thanksgiving

One of the best ways of finding happiness in life is to appreciate the things that we have, as opposed to the things that we lack. If we spend our time thinking about all of those little things that we want in life, but either don't have them or perhaps they're certain goals that we haven't yet achieved, we're basically not living in the moment, or enjoying life to the fullest. 

The amount of happiness that we have each and every day is all based on our perception and how we feel about things, and whether or not we appreciate them. If we start focusing on all of the positive things that we have in life, then we'll all be a little bit happier. One of the biggest problems that we all have in which takes away so much of our happiness is that we're always worrying. We have endless concerns about things, which many times, we don't even have control over. 

It's important not to rush things in life or to want things before you're ready to have them. Some of the best things in life take time to develop, patience, and simply having a positive outlook. Try to embrace all of the good things in your life, and enjoy the moment, each day, and all of the little things that go on in your life. The more thankful and appreciative that we are about the little things that we have in life, the more that we'll be whole and a complete person. As well, if we appreciate what we have, we'll be more apt to take on different challenges, and we'll have so so more enthusiasm towards striving towards our goals.

Having a positive outlook is imperative for each and every one of us, and that's why we need to focus on the positives in life, and not avoid the negatives, or ignore them by any means, but more so, we should simply be appreciative of all of the good things in our life and acknowledge them. When we don't appreciate things enough, we tend to lose them or they tend to not be maintained in their best manner. This goes from everything from relationships to your personal belongings, or even in regards to how you look in your appearance. 

If we take care of ourselves and love ourselves enough, it's a way of appreciating how we are, and how we look. You see, when we appreciate how we look, we tend to take better care of ourselves. Be thankful for all of the things that you have in life, and remember on this Thanksgiving Day, as well as any other day of the year, you should be thankful for what you have and concentrate on those things, as opposed to what you lack. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Straight Arrow Path to Success

We would all like to get to the top and successful. But it takes hard work, effort, and that "go get it" factor. We need drive to succeed, and that fire to burn our buns, in order to get what we want in life. Sitting back, and waiting for things to happen will get you nowhere. If anyone wants anything bad enough, they need to go after it. I decided to create a list of a few essential factors that will make all of the difference on your path to success. But one thing that's imperative to remember, is that to feel truly proud of our accomplishments in life, we must do things the right way morally, and by being a righteous person.

Don't Take Shortcuts:

Do things the right way and in a righteous manner. Don't search for the easy way to get to where you want to be, just because it looks quicker, less stressful, and easier when you know that the path you're thinking I have isn't righteous or morally a good choice. Remember, short term light, usually leads to long-term darkness, so make your decisions carefully, and stay righteous and decent at the same time. 

Value Your Time:

Our time is precious, and we should make things that are important to us priorities, and treat them as such. Postponing things, putting them off, and leaving them for later is never a wise choice if you want to be successful. Pick and choose your break time wisely and what you do with it, because a break shouldn't last for more than a few moments. A break is something that should be experienced once you've accomplished a certain amount of work towards your end goal. 

Choose Supportive Friends or No Friends:

I just surround yourself with no one, or those that have your best interest at heart. Pick and choose your friends wisely, and only bring in those that love, appreciate, support, and value you as a person. Make sure that you avoid bringing in negativity, and any type of toxic person. Toxic people can become a mental, emotional, and psychological disability if you let them. Besides, they'll drain your positive energy until there's nothing left. 

Don't Be a Perfectionist:

If you strive for perfection, don't see it as the main or ending goal. Instead, strive to make things as perfect as possible, but know in the back of your head that there is no such finish line. Many times perfectionist end up being too hard on themselves, and are even unable to accept compliments and what they're achieving, as they strive towards their goals. It's important to genuinely accept compliments and take them to heart. Be happy, proud, yet remaining humble on your journey toward success. Don't expect perfection, just drive to be the best that you can be, and in all that you do. 

Be Healthy and Stay Active:

Don't say that you don't have time for taking good care of yourself, because you do. Everyone needs to make the time for their priorities, and taking care of themselves. Being healthy, and staying active are definite priorities when it comes to being the best that you can be, and in order to put your best foot forward. In order to work hard and to do your best, you need to be in a healthy state of mind, as well as in an emotionally peaceful place. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Fear of Rejection and Making the First Move

We all have certain things that we're really good at. Some people are better at some things than others. It's a really great quality to be self-aware, and to know who you are as an individual. Being in touch with who you are as a person can play a huge role in knowing what you're really good at or not good at for that matter. As far as being able to approach someone or make the first move when it comes to dating, it takes a lot of courage and confidence. Not to mention, one of the biggest factors always ends up being how badly do you want someone

How much we want something and what it's worth to us can pertain to goals that we have in life and even when it comes to making that first move towards dating someone, or even speaking to them for that matter. You have to have confidence and guts in order to talk someone for the first time. You never really know what someone's response is going to be, and you have to be willing to be strong and resilient enough to accept the possibility of being rejected. Despite how much courage and confidence someone has to talk to someone and to make that first move, you have to be mentally and emotionally in the right mind frame where you can take it with a grain of rice if someone rejects you. 

As far as being turned down by someone, and even in a cold, harsh, or rude way at times, it's important to know that it's better to lose something that you don't actually have yet. As well, you shouldn't want to be with someone that doesn't want to be with you. For me personally, if someone isn't interested in me or even attracted to me for that matter, I don't even give it a second thought, and I move on. 

Generally speaking, I like people that like me, and I think that's a healthy mindset to have. You can't expect for every single person in this world to find you appealing, attractive, or desirable. Having said that, the right person will not only find it flattering when you make the first move and approach them, but they'll likely be kind, appreciative, and be more than happy that you had the guts and the confidence to make to come up to them. 

There will always be people that don't value or appreciate what it takes for someone to make the first move, and how much confidence and courage it requires. Don't worry about those people, and just appreciate the ones that do have enough kindness and appreciation for the fact that you even tried. When someone approaches a person to date or even talk to, it's not only courageous on their part, but it shows their interest in you, so you should take it as flattery at the very least. 

When it comes to making the first move and having that courage to approach someone, it's never really about what you say, but more so, how do you say it, how much wit and confidence you display, as well as how open the person is to receiving the communication and attention. Frankly, some people have issues and simply can't accept the fact that they're given any attention to whatsoever, let alone if you're the complimentative type and approach them with kind words. Many people are insecure, and hold little to no self-confidence, and that's why they have a hard time accepting compliments from others. Just remember that that's not on you, and it's on that person for lacking the confidence. 

It's never about what you say in that first moment that you speak to someone, so there's no need to dread your opening statement or spend too much time thinking about it. Despite what many people think, there's little to no importance about that first statement that you say, as long as you actually speak up, say something, and go after what you want. Just remember to be authentic, genuine, and act like the real you, instead of some fake, dolled up version of you. Most people appreciate when people are authentic. 

Whether you're a man or a woman, making that first move and approaching someone for the first time can be challenging, and especially if you're the shy type or have an immense fear of rejection. Anyone that fears rejection too much won't be as successful in life or in love for that matter, as opposed to someone that's courageous, confidence, and goes after what they want. So the next time that you feel scared to speak up and make that first move, ask yourself how badly you want it, because the last thing that anyone should want in life is to miss out on a beautiful, new opportunity to find love and happiness. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Empowerment of Wanting Happiness for Your Ex

You should always want others to experience the happiness and joy of life. Even if we're talking about an ex spouse, and ex-girlfriend, or an ex-boyfriend. Although it isn't the easiest of things to do at times, it's something that you can truly benefit from. You should want the happiness of others even when they've hurt you, broken your heart, or found a new love that they're more compatible with.

Just because you and your ex didn't work out doesn't mean that you hold a grudge or wish them any bad will or feelings. To get to this stage of enlightenment is a big deal, because it will bring you more peace and happiness in life. When you're able to accept the fact that you and your ex are not together anymore, you're headed in the right direction. But the next step is to make peace with the fact that you've gone your separate ways, and be willing to give your light and love to them even from afar, knowing that they've moved on.

Wishing someone the best can be done in many ways without even having to say a word. Whether you're in communication with your ex, whether you're cordial or even if you've ended on bad terms, it's important to dive into the spiritual world and find a place deep within you where you can still wish them love, happiness, and an easy path in their life. When you get to this level of enlightenment, your journey in life and towards finding a new love of your own will be much greater. 

Remember, even if your ex doesn't wish you the best, you can still take the highroad and wish them well regardless, because it just shows what kind of person you are. Just make sure that it's genuine. For your own well being and whether you have children with your ex or not, you should strive towards getting to the stage of enlightenment where you can truly wish happiness onto others, despite your past with them, and regardless of the circumstances.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Be Willing to Work for What You Want

We all want to have that perfect body. But another thing that we all want is to be healthy, and to feel good inside, and out. Feeling good involves having a good self-esteem, feeling confident, motivated, and not only feeling capable of being an inspiration to others, but to ourselves as well. It's much easier for people to preach and to be inspirational towards others, even when they don't take their own advice. 

Perhaps we might even sound hypocritical at times. However, we're in control of whether we listen to and embrace our own words of wisdom and advice or not. We are in fact inspirations to ourselves more than others. But what's needed is to become truly connected with our words of wisdom and the advice that we give to others, until we feel it in deep within us, knowing that they're not empty inspirational words. The fact of the matter is, sometimes we are hypocrites, because we give advice to others, but our own words and actions don't match up, but that can all change. We need to connect with ourselves from within on such a deep level that we're able to inspire ourselves.

When it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness, it's important never to let our emotions take over, and let our moods run the show so to speak.  Our emotions or mood shouldn't be the factor that directs whether or not we work out or eat a certain way. Being that the goal in life is happiness, we need to maintain a certain level of happiness, and to feel at peace from within. 

Being that our moods change all of the time, from moment to moment throughout our daily lives, taking us from happy to sad to angry to high energy to low energy, and so on, it's important to stay focused on our main goal which is to be healthy, stably content to some extent, and if we're making a conscious decision to eat healthier or to develop a regular workout routine and be stable about it, we shouldn't lose track. But instead, stay focused on the right path towards our goal.

We're going to have good days and bad days, and our moods are definitely going to change from moment to moment, and that includes being affected by things that go on every day. But when we have a goal to improve ourselves in any way, whether it's from within in regards to our emotions or whether it's in regards to our work, business, or health and fitness, we shouldn't let others or even ourselves feel deflated or unmotivated, because of a temporary bad mood or issue we might be having. We should strive towards our goals of improving regardless of our mood or our energy level.

There are always things that we can do to improve our energy levels and our moods, so giving up, or not being driven and motivated towards our goals because of our mood should never be an issue. Successful people never succeed by taking days off, because they're not in a good mood or from the lack of sleep. They simply sleep enough, make sure that they get an adequate amount of REM rest, and they take good care of themselves so that being lazy or taking a day off doesn't come up as an option to them.

Successful people stay motivated and driven towards their goals no matter what. Even if we strive towards being more motivated a little bit, it can only bring more positivity and enlightenment so that we're able to achieve more in life, and have a better chance at improving ourselves, and striving towards our goals. 

If you have certain goals that you're hoping to achieve, don't put things off for later, because later doesn't always come, and sometimes it turns into a pattern of laziness, and perhaps even a bad habit of postponing things. People might even become flaky, canceling plans for lack of motivation or energy. Taking a short break is normal and can even be beneficial, especially for those that tend to be workaholics. But, a short break or even a little vacation isn't the same thing as postponing goals. Remember those famous hashtags of #workhard and #playhard because they need to resonate to someone that wants to be successful. Remember there should be balance in life, but if we want things to be a certain way and we're not willing to settle for less, then we need to work hard for it.