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Friday, July 7, 2017

Bumble BFF Offers a New Way to Seek Friendship

The following is a guest post for BumbleBFF:

Today, American women often move long distances to seek jobs or start new businesses. People also marry later in life than they did in the past. This creates a need to find new friends during adulthood. In some ways, technology has made it harder to socialize. It's not easy to begin a conversation when so many people are fully engrossed in their mobile gadgets. Fortunately, these devices can also provide a solution.

Friend-Finding App

Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe has a tremendously busy life and frequently moves to different cities. She recently realized that business goals had prevented her from establishing any friendships. One of her companies is a popular online dating service known as Bumble. She decided to expand its app so that members could search for new friends as well.

This change didn't only occur as a result of Wolfe's personal observations. Bumble also received many suggestions calling for a feature that would help members locate new friends. Numerous users had searched for people of the same gender or asked for friends on their profiles. Consequently, Bumble BFF was born in 2016.

How it Works

Anyone with a compatible device can join Bumble and use its BFF mode to start a variety of friendships. A member might seek a close friend or just look for someone to bring along when attending parties. Either way, the first step is to obtain Bumble's mobile software from a major app store. It's possible to log in using a Facebook username and password.

To look for friends rather than dates, select "BFF" under "show" in the settings area. This hides a member's personal profile from people who use Bumble for dating purposes. Instead, fellow users who want friends will have the ability to see it. Non-dating conversations appear in green rather than the standard yellow highlighting.

Search Process

Bumble BFF helps people find friends in much the same way as it recommends appropriate dating partners. However, it prioritizes mutual interests and acquaintances when suggesting matches. Users swipe to the left if they're not interested and do the opposite when a person seems appealing. If two members select each other's profiles and swipe to the right, the system prompts them to begin a discussion within one day.

Favorable Results

Does it actually work? Various bloggers and other writers have shared their experiences with this app. The process resembles online dating in some ways. Members must spend some time looking at profiles, and they usually meet a few unsuitable individuals. Nevertheless, people eventually discover one or more desirable long-term friends with similar interests. 

To sum it up, Bumble has successfully adapted an online dating platform to help people develop new friendships. Its BFF feature satisfies the needs of many women who find it difficult to meet people in the workplace or local eateries. An automated matching system and user-specified search criteria combine to expedite the process. This new system was able to quickly attract numerous users because Bumble already had millions of members who joined it for dating purposes.

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