7 Tips to Cope With Snoring and Your Relationship

The following is a contributor article by Neer Tiwari: Is snoring ruining your relationship? Though this may seem like a w...

Monday, May 27, 2019

7 Tips to Cope With Snoring and Your Relationship


The following is a contributor article by Neer Tiwari:

Is snoring ruining your relationship? Though this may seem like a weird question, this trait or condition is capable of resulting in that. 

Studies have revealed that snoring can have major adverse effects on your relationships, especially with your sleeping partner. Take, for example, a hypothetical situation where your husband snores. Naturally, after some days of coping, you may be impelled to move to a different room. This is bound to take a toll on your relationship with your partner. 

A recurring snoring problem often creates not only exhaustion but also resentment and frustration between the couples. It can interfere with emotional and sexual relationships and can push couples for sleeping in separate bedrooms. 

Moreover, at times, snoring happens with age and therefore one won’t notice this in his or her partner in the first few years. This makes things worse as the non-snoring counterparts are not prepared for this development.

With Some Couples, Snoring Can Lead to Realtime Disharmony 

Snoring doesn’t affect every couple in similar ways. There are some snorers whose partners won’t even take notice as they have a very deep sleep. However, that is not the case always.

Partners who are non-snorers are bound to get irritated if they have to shake their partners time and again as they are loud snorers. Moreover, since the non-snoring people do not get to sleep well because of their snoring partners, they also resort to cribbing and having a sour mood the next day. Moreover, there is a potential resentment cropping up between couples as they keep on waking each other up. 

While sleeping on the couch seems a little harsh, research has revealed that couple who sleep for less than 7 hours tend to fight more. That is why lying awake as your partner snores can cause more than just frustration. 

It is for this reason that you should start working to control your snoring. Here are some ways of doing so.

Reduce Your Body Weight

If you are overweight it is a quite common cause of snoring as the extra weight can enhance the size of tissues around the neck and place extra pressure on the breathing passageways. This will include improving the diet and exercising which will contribute towards losing a few pounds. 

Try to Sleep on Your Side

If you tend to snore you should try to avoid sleeping on the back. It can lead the tongue to collapse at the back of the throat. That is why it is suggested that you use a body pillow that will enable you to sleep on your side. This way your tongue will stay in the frontal portion of the mouth which is exactly the place where it should be. 

Try Anti-Snoring Pillow

If you refuse to give up the preferred sleeping position then you can go for an anti-snoring pillow. It is designed for letting you continue sleeping on the back as you angle the body in a way which can prevent the snoring.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your dry mouth and throat can be amplified as the passageways lose flexibility. So you can keep a glass of water on your bedside table which will assist you to stay hydrated prior to and during the night. This will permit the easier breathing and will soften the passageways. 

Have a Hot Shower Prior to Going to Bed

If you have a hot shower, it will help to open up the nasal cavities. Moreover, you will also feel fresher if you take a bath and clean your body up prior to retiring to bed. This simple act will let both you and your partner sleep well at night. 

Go for The Tennis Ball Techniques

If you are not willing to use the anti-snoring pillows or the full-sized pillows in between you two then the tennis ball technique comes to your saviour. This will naturally train your body to sleep on the side. Naturally, your body will stop causing a racket at night and let both you and your partner sleep well at night. 

Exercise Your Throat

You should exercise your throat and tongue in a variety of stretches and motions. The muscles in the throat can weaken and the throats also get narrower. If you make your tongue and throat workout in the right way it will assist in strengthening the muscles. It can reduce snoring without investing a penny.

The above are some of the snoring treatments which can assist you to control your snoring and prevent it from having an adverse effect on your relationship with your partner. If these tips don’t help, you should immediately consult with a reputed sleep dentist who can guide you further in preventing your snoring problem and enable both you and your partner to have a good night’s sleep.   


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