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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mental Illness and Low Consciousness: Where Do We Draw the Line

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether someone does bad things because they have low consciousness and are unaware of the damage that they're causing to themselves and to others, from people that have an actual mental illness. There's a difference between having a real problem mentally and living your life in a toxic, negative manner, where you make bad choices. As we all know, when you make bad choices in life and you don't learn from them, there will be consequences. The more that someone makes bad choices, the more they have to deal with bad consequences. The more that people have to live with bad consequences from their actions, the more miserable their lives will be. I'm not a psychologist, but I don't think that you need to be one to fully understand the power of having low conscious thoughts and actions, and the damage that they can cause. 

A person that lives their life in a low conscious manner is a type of person who doesn't think before they do things, doesn't learn from their mistakes, doesn't admit to their faults and wrongdoings, and is never remorseful for damage that they cause to themselves and others. A person that has low consciousness is someone that doesn't care how they hurt you or others, and rarely sees things from other people's perspectives. When someone has a serious illness, they might live their life in a very high conscious manner or in a low conscious manner. When someone lives their life in a low conscious manner and has a mental illness, I find it hard to, nor am I in a place to try to teach those types of people how to behave and think. But, for all of the other people that are simply living a low conscious type of lifestyle, without having any type of mental illness, this article is for you. 

I truly believe that we're all born with an evil inclination and we're here on earth to try and become more humane and better people. Becoming a better person doesn't mean becoming wealthy or powerful. Becoming a better person starts from the inside of a person's soul. Being a good person is all about having good intentions, good actions, being kind to others, being kind to yourself, appreciating everything that you have, giving to people in need, and choosing good over evil. A person with high consciousness is a person that is very self-aware, aware of their surroundings, people that they come in contact with and their feelings, how they affect other people and things around them, and they strive to be a better human being as a way of life. 

We're all imperfect and have our own issues in different areas. What's important is to work on ourselves and try to be better people individually, and as a result, we'll be better people as a whole. We can never change the way that other people think or act. We can merely work on ourselves and try to improve on all of our shortcomings and areas where we need improvement. There are some situations that we simply have no control over and that's why we need to make ourselves better individuals, so that we can cope with difficult and unfortunate circumstances. 

Sometimes we care for and love people, but we can't have them be a close part of our lives, because they live their lives in a low conscious manner. It's one thing to love someone and care for them, but it's another thing to be a part of or embrace their low conscious actions and lifestyle. Despite how much you might care for someone that makes a lot of mistakes in their life, never learning from them, and repeating their pattern, it's important that you remain strong and resilient in your being, and know that not being too close with them is for the better good. You can't expect to fix everyone's problems, even when you want to. Many times people that live a lower conscious type of lifestyle, need much more help than a mere talking to. The most one can do is bring things to their attention, if you think that it could help them improve. Having said that, you can't expect people to take what you say to heart. There's a high chance that they might even be resentful, get hurt, become angry, and feel attacked by you bringing their weaknesses to their attention. This is something that they will need to work on themselves. 

This is why it's so important to raise your kids in a loving, calm environment where you teach them discipline and rules, but with a lot of love and affection. I truly believe that the authoritative parenting style is the way to go as far as parenting your kids. Kids need discipline and they'll respect you for it. When kids are raised in a loving, healthy environment as such, they grow into fine, capable, and decent human beings that will raise their kids one day, in a loving and healthy manner. When people don't learn from the mistakes that were done to them by their own parents, they repeat their same actions, putting their unhealthy ways of parenting on repeat. Nothing will ever change and the pattern will never stop, unless people start realizing that they're responsible for their own actions, and they can't blame their parents for the mistakes that they've done, for the rest of their life. There comes a point in everyone's life where they have to make a decision to let all of their hurt go, and try to learn and grow from it. No one is perfect and no one knows exactly what to do when they become a parent, so it's important to read or take a class if needed, and ask questions to people that you look up to. It's important to acknowledge what's been done wrong to you in your life, but to make a choice, and to live your life in a healthier manner. 

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