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Friday, September 25, 2015

20 Ways to Tell If Someone's a Real Friend

Here's the list:

1. They don't disappear during hard times. They stand by your side and are there for you when you need someone to talk with. They'll be a listening ear when you need to vent. 

2. They make time for you. Despite how busy both of your lives get, you both equally put out the effort and make time for one another. 

3. They have your back when you're not around. They won't stand for people talking bad about you or continuing true or false rumours that are spread about you. They'll do anything in their power to put a stop to it. 

4. They support you in anything that you're trying to achieve in life. If there's anything that they can do to help you get to your goal, they'll do it. 

5. If you're both on social media, they'll be your biggest fan. For example, if you're on Facebook, they'll like your pictures and share the things that you post whenever they can, despite what other people might think of you for sharing their stuff. 

6. They'll text and call you on the phone. They'll never just be texting buddies, because they care about you enough to pick up the phone and call as well. They enjoyed talking with you. 

7. You can't stay mad at each other, because neither one of you will let that happen. 

8. You can be at your worst at times and they won't peace out and leave the friendship. 

9. You can be yourself completely and they won't judge you for it. Unless it's in a lighthearted, playful way, you'll never be criticized for acting silly or weird. 

10. They speak their mind and tell you when you're doing something wrong, because they don't want to see you fall, get hurt, or make bad decisions in your life. 

11. They'll be respectful and kind towards people that you care about, whether it's family or friends. 

12. You have great communication with one another. You both speak your minds freely, without feeling the need to filter what you say so much. You both go to each other when you need a friend to talk to you or someone to confide in. 

13. You never lie to each other. Your friendship has a solid foundation that's based on honesty and trust. 

14. You agree to disagree when you can, so that you don't fight or argue too often. Having said that, when you do argue, it might be intense, because you love and care a lot about each other. 

15. They'll never put you down for anything, just because they disagree with it or don't like something that you're doing. They'll never criticize you for how you look, how you dress, how much you weigh, or anything of the sort. 

16. They'll give you the benefit of the doubt when they question your intentions on something. They know that you deserve that much, because of how honest and decent you are to one another. They don't believe rumours if they ever hear any. They go to the source (you) and ask you if what they heard has any truth to it.

17. They'll never talk bad about you behind your back. If anything, they'll praise you for how wonderful you are.

18. They'll never try to take advantage of you. Whether it's in business, money, dating, or even the little things in life, they'll never view you as their competition, and absolutely never have ulterior motives. They're not in competition with you. They're not your opponent, they're on your team.

19. They share in all of your joyous occasions and they want to be a part of them as much as possible. There are certain things that they wouldn't miss for the world. If something is important to you, they'll do anything in their power to be there for you, and help you in anyway possible. 

20. It really affects them when anyone tries to hurt you or take advantage of you. It might even anger them to the point where they'll do something about it, or at least, they'll give you advice so that you can do something about it.