Friday, February 5, 2016

Relationship Blogger Talks LA Scene

Relationship blogger Anne Cohen (yep, that's me) is taking love, dating, and relationships, and making them better. I'm doing this by opening up many people's biggest fears. People go about their daily lives in a way in which dishonesty, and not being true to themselves seems like the natural way of life. I'm doing what I do, writing down my inner most thoughts, based on my core values and beliefs, and trying to open up people's eyes, minds, and hearts into a new way of life... my perspective, and the belief system that true love exists. As well, I hope to shed some light into this beautiful world as to the grave importance of being kind, direct, honest, and open book, and how it can benefit all relationships.

I write my articles based on knowing one's self worth, being brutally honest, loving people to the fullest, and in appreciating all of the beautiful gifts that we have in life. I write on the belief system that we're all special, and we all deserve to be loved and feel appreciated. We should all know what we want in life, pursue it, appreciate it, and maintain it in order to keep it. It takes hard work to attain and maintain what you want in life (see: "Get It While It's Hot"). This includes love, relationships, and whether they're romantic relationships, friendships, or within a family, I believe in putting effort and love into it all.

Relationships and the whole dating scene can be challenging wherever one lives. But, for some reason, it seems harder in bigger cities like LA, where it seems that the grass is always greener. Many people in Los Angeles have a hard time committing to plans until the very last minute. Many people in LA even have a hard time with keeping plans that they've set. Unfortunately, they've developed a reputation for it called being flaky. Smiling over here, as I write this, but it's true. In the dating scene, it can be hard and deflating on those that believe in keeping their word and committing to plans or people, because they live by a different set of rules.

Dating in Los Angeles can be tough, but when done the right way, it can be a lot easier, and with a better outcome. When people approach the dating scene with a positive outlook, an honest and direct approach, as well as with a genuine and open book mentality, it will be a lot easier. I believe in treating others as you hope to be treated in return. Whether or not you believe in Karma, good things happen to good people. In other words, when you act out of a place of being good, honest, genuine, and real, people will respond in a kind manner. For those that take advantage of others by being dishonest, and having ulterior motives, they don't come out on top. At least, not in the end. 

It's important that despite how flaky, pessimistic, and jaded some singles have become in big cities like Los Angeles, New York, or anywhere really, you stay focused on being good and true to yourself. Don't let yourself become jaded from disappointment. In Los Angeles, many people that are single have become flaky and less apt to feel the urge or desire to explore committed relationships. However, the only way to find a great romantic connection and partner in life is to stay optimistic in love. Don't become like those that have lost faith, and remember to believe in love. 

Many people don't believe in love and in true love even existing. But, I'm here to tell you differently. It's imperative that no matter how others approach dating, despite the general mentality of "the grass is always greener," you should still stay positive while dating in the LA scene and live by your own belief system. You need to go into situations with an open heart and an open mind. That's the only way to finding what you want. Getting what you want and maintaining it by taking all of the appropriate steps is everything when it comes to having a successful relationship.