Friday, August 21, 2015

Here's Why LA Should Embrace the New York Attitude

People that live in Los Angeles come across New Yorkers at times, and have very strong opinions about their attitudes. People from New York come off to people in LA as being very opinionated, carrying an in-your-face attitude and approach to life. What people in Los Angeles that feel that way are misinterpreting, is that people from New York are very real and they're not afraid to give you their real opinion. I'm originally from Chicago and we're very similar to New Yorkers in that way, except that we're not as "in-your-face" opinionated. I think it's completely refreshing to date someone from New York, as long as they're not one of those New Yorkers that badmouths people from LA. I can't stand people that badmouth each other. New Yorkers talk smack about people in LA and LA talks smack about people from New York. Enough already! We're all good! 

People have come to Los Angeles from all over the world. People come to LA for many reasons, but the biggest one is to "live the dream." The LA mentality seems to be, "When there's a chance of becoming a movie star, why not try!" Many people come to LA, not to be an actor only, but to direct and produce movies as well. Everyone in LA is beautiful. When I moved here in 1998, the second I got off of the plane, I was amazed that even the unattractive people here, were still pretty darn good looking! I've lived in many places all throughout the U.S., and I can tell you that in Los Angeles, people truly care how they look and appear to others. 

People in LA are known to dress in high fashion clothing, get facials, have beauty treatments, and even get surgeries to make themselves look good. They spend a huge portion of their time in the gym, working out, hiking, or doing yoga and Pilates. People that live in Los Angeles truly care about being good-looking. They care about how they look so much, that they don't want to wrinkle their faces and show you their real emotions. Of course, I'm exaggerating and generalizing, because people in LA are nearly all from somewhere else. But, there is something to the fact that people in LA show less real emotion to the public. Perhaps it's because there are so many movie stars that hide their real emotions, to keep their privacy. Maybe people in Los Angeles learned from the stars. Either way you look at it, when you compare people from Los Angeles and people from New York, New Yorkers telling you "how it really is," or how things should be, should be embraced. 

For people in the dating scene living in LA, it can be quite challenging getting to know someone new. People in LA always have fronts and hide who they really are, until you know them well. Whether it's because people have been let down or hurt, people are much more closed up and private in Los Angeles. As well, everyone that's interested in getting into the industry, is always hoping to run into someone that will give them their big break. For that reason, they carry themselves in a very happy way (unless they're driving in LA traffic). If you think about it, you can't go into a job interview with a big puss on your face, looking like you're really having a bad day. You have to go into an interview looking sharp, confident, and happy. The same thing goes for why people are so friendly and always seem happy in LA. I know people in LA are not going to want to hear this, but it's true! They're happy because they're fake and want something from you. End of story! Be real like New Yorkers, and you'll know it's true! Not everyone's like that though. Yes, I'm trying to keep this light. Did I say too much! 

Having said all of that, many people prefer the mentality and way of life that LA lives by. After all, do you really want to argue, have drama, and get into beef with everyone during your day, then passionately make up later? I think that many people have different opinions on this. As far as mine, I prefer something in between, like my hometown, good, old-fashioned Chicago! I believe that people should embrace each other's attitudes and ways of life. There's good in both ways of thinking. However, people in LA should definitely, embrace the mentality of being real and honest. Dear New Yorkers, can you just tone it down a little for the people that are very fake or seem extra happy? I think if you're going to embrace LA, then you should try to embrace the fact that the people in LA go about life in a very laid back manner. But, don't change! Simply, make friends, date, or marry someone that will appreciate you, just the way you are, real and fabulous!