Saturday, August 22, 2015

10 Reasons Why It's Better to Be Single in New York, than in LA

Living in New York or Los Angeles can be amazing and a lot of fun. I've lived in both places and can honestly tell you that if you're lucky enough to experience both places, you must! Put it on your bucket list! There are positive and negative things about both places. In this article, I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why being single is better, while living in New York.

1. Everything closes early in LA, while everything in New York is merely at it's peak. In New York, the streets are busy with people all night long. In LA, it's "lights out" by 11 PM during the week, and maybe by 1 AM on the
weekends. The streets are pretty much deserted in LA by 1 AM. Los Angeles may be better for "the beach life," but the nightlife is always happening in The Big Apple.

2. New Yorkers are very real, maybe too real! Either way, if you prefer people to be upfront, direct, and honest (whether you like it or not), date a New Yorker. In LA, there's usually a lot of digging you have to do, in order to get to who the person really is. People are more real and it's easier to talk to strangers in New York. 

3. In New York, no one really needs a car. In LA, going to pick up your date is one of the biggest hassles, because of the crazy, LA traffic. The girls end up thinking that chivalry is dead, because many of the LA guys want to meet up, instead of fighting an hour of traffic to get to them. 

4. If you're a guy living in New York, you must've heard by now that Taylor Swift is your new neighbour. She just bought a 19.9 million dollar penthouse in the city, and you heard right fellas, she's unattached and single!

5. Have you ever kissed in the rain? Nothing is as passionate and romantic! If you're single in LA you may kiss in the rain, but it's a rare site to see. People in LA are too busy running to get out of it, afraid their hair and makeup will be ruined. In New York, people just walk through the rain, as if they barely noticed it was raining at all. 

6. You don't have to be rich, to take your girl on a date in NY to have a good time. You can grab a $1 slice of pizza to die for, at almost any corner. She can fold her slice, so it doesn't smudge her lipstick.

7. If you've never had a date where the snowflakes gently kiss your face, while taking a walk and holding your lover's hand, you haven't lived. Get yourself to New York and quick! Taking that drive to go on a skiing trip doesn't seem to have the same effect.

8. It's much easier to meet people in New York, than it is in LA. New York is swarming with people. You can make many new friends and have tons of future dates lined up for the whole week, simply by going on your lunch break. You can walk up to a total stranger while getting your morning coffee and make a new friend. You can do the same thing in LA, but that new friend will probably have an ulterior motive, when they find out that you're "in the industry."

9. For those people that hope to meet someone in an LA gym, just driving to get there can tire you out. In New York, everyone walks and can socialize in the streets just getting to the gym, not to mention the calories you're burning walking!

10. Taking a stroll at a park in New York during Autumn can be incredibly romantic. All of the multi-coloured leaves falling from the trees and at your feet. Nothing is more beautiful to share with a date.