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Monday, February 1, 2016

Marriage Material vs. Easy Girls

Many good girls are starting to wonder why men would even bother going after them, when so many girls become intimate with men so easily, and quickly. There are many girls out there these days that become intimate with anyone, and without a challenge. A good woman should never compare herself to women that are more of the easy come, easy go type. When a woman knows her worth, she doesn't cheapen herself by becoming intimate too quickly or by giving away her body so easily to each and every person that she dates. A man will recognize and appreciate a woman that knows her worth, and consider her to be of good girl nature or as I'd like to call her, marriage material. 

There's a big difference between what men would consider marriage material and what men would consider easy and fun for the moment. A good woman should never compare herself to an easy woman, and she should know her worth always. When a woman truly knows her worth, she doesn't give her body away so easily, and she's not intimate, unless it's out of love. A big problem that many people have come across is that a lot of people have ulterior motives. There are many players with marital intentions. Many men act as if they have marital intentions, are looking for a good girl, and for the sole purpose of marriage. Those types will be dishonest and deceiving in many ways in order to attain the goal of being close with a woman on an intimate level. However, many people have good intentions and are honest about what they're looking for. Many men appreciate a good girl, and aren't even the least bit attracted to the types of girls that are intimate with many people, and very fast paced. 

Intimacy is something that should be done out of love if you ask me. Obviously, many people have different views on intimacy, but in my blog, I write about true love and meaningful relationships. So if this isn't your thing, and you feel differently, suck it up, and keep reading. The predominant reason for me writing this article is to let women know that not all men are just looking for a hook up. Many men are looking and hoping to be in a healthy, loving, exclusive relationship. Not all men are attracted to those naughty and easy types of girls. Most of the girls that are easy, and give their bodies away so freely to random guys won't even compare to you in a good man's eyes

There are some types of girls that are just looking for hook ups, from what I hear. However, I don't know any of them personally. Unfortunately, those women fall into the category of being easy, and that's how they'll be looked at by all of the men that they go out with. Despite the fact that many men aren't even attracted to those easy types of girls, being that they view them as very cheap and unappealing, many men will still take advantage of a situation. Some men will even try to hook up with as many girls as possible. Those men view women as the easier the better

I'm saying this to those good girls out there that are hoping to find the love of their life. Remember to have faith, and not compare yourself to those types of girls that make getting intimate easy for a man. Those girls are not you, they're not your standard or at your level. They're not of your class in which you view yourself. All a good woman has to do is be herself, keep her chin up, follow her heart, and live by the standards and morals that she values and believes in. A good man will recognize a woman for the beauty within her soul, and he'll appreciate her, even if she moves slower at an intimate level than many others. 

Woman that give away their bodies so easily are degrading themselves, and clearly don't know their self-worth. Why should any good woman compare herself to those types of girls. It's irrelevant whether or not men will hook up with random girls like them, because it's very unlikely that they'll view them as marriage material, and most likely, they won't settle down with them. A good man knows that a good woman is worth waiting for, and he'll be willing to attain your love, mind, body, and soul. He'll be patient for you, and view you as marriage material. He'll wait to become intimate with you until you're ready, or he'll at least go at a pace that's comfortable for you. A good woman shouldn't feel inferior or intimidated by the fact that other woman give away their bodies, and become intimate so easily with men. They're the ones that are inferior to you, not the other way around. Those types of women are simply not in your league, and a good man knows that. Be confident in your way of thinking, and in your outlook on love, and in life.

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