Monday, February 1, 2016

The Power of an Approachable Woman

In my last article, I wrote about the importance of a man approaching a woman, and how he should act in order to get her attention (see: "The Best Approach to Get the Girl"). In this article, I wanted to go into a bit of detail on how a woman should behave so that a man will want to approach her. The same way that a man should be confident, without being arrogant, a woman must act in the same manner. In order for a man to even want to approach a woman, she should be approachable. Having said that, women need to do their part by acting as a good woman should. This means that they should be kind, courteous, graceful, and poised. They should act nothing less than how the gender itself she be represented and perceived, and that's feminine and sweet by nature. 

You'd be surprised at how many women think that they're approachable, but either they're not, or they simply have no idea of how important it is to appear approachable to a man. Many women wonder why men don't come up to them when they'd generally be considered very attractive. The reason is as simple as being approachable versus being unapproachable. An approachable women tends to have a pleasant expression on her face, whether she's smiling, or simply has an expression of peace in her heart. She'll appear open to conversation, and to what life has in store for her. She'll seem mysterious, but only in a way where a man will feel the desire to speak with her, and learn all about her. As opposed to a man becoming completely turned off by her expression alone.

Sometimes women look around the room so much, with grave disappointment at times, being judgmental as many are, and they failed to recognize that they are part of the problem. The reason that men aren't going up to them is because they have a lousy expression on their face, and it's obvious to see that they're judging other people with much disappointment. Whether a woman is disappointed with anything from the environment, to the people, to the options of men that she sees around her, it's important for her to maintain a pleasant expression on her face.

If a woman doesn't have a pleasant expression on her face, generally speaking, a man won't approach her. When a woman appears to be easy-going, happy with her life, and sweet as can be, a man tends to want to approach her. So to all of the woman out there that carry a sourpuss expression on their faces when they go out, and they wonder why men aren't coming up to them, they need to start by changing the expression on their face. If a woman goes out to try to meet men, she needs to be approachable, and there's no room for pessimism, negativity, bitterness, envy, jealousy, arrogance, or jaded-like qualities. No man is going to want to deal with that drama and baggage. You should go back home, and fix yourself before coming out again. This world has enough toxic people in it, and no one will think any of those qualities are appealing nor attractive. 

A man wants to approach a woman that seems like she'll be sweet and fun to talk to. If a woman has a nasty expression on her face, not only won't a man want to talk to her, but no one will. There's nothing more beautiful than a smiling person, and when a man sees a woman smiling, he tends to find that very attractive. I have to say that most men find a beautiful smile on a woman more appealing than any amount of makeup that she's wearing. A woman that tries to look utterly perfect, wearing the best clothes, perfect makeup, and sporting the best fashion sense, won't necessarily do the trick. A beautiful smile on a pleasant face can go much further into a man's heart. As simple as this may sound, it's important for all of the women out there to know and understand that if they're trying to meet the love of their life, they need to keep in mind that being approachable is utterly important in finding their match.