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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Please Listen to Me... It's From the Heart

Love is a power that breaks through barriers and overcomes obstacles. It applies for both men and women. Anything for that matter. Love is the strength to see higher and hold on tighter. Love remembers the positive and cherishes the soul. Love respects space and is liberated from empty desire and vanities. Love is a shield that protects from harm. Love makes courage look stupid, because Love has reached a height that only few have stood. For it is Love that reveals truth. It's Love that fills the heart with gratitude and complete happiness. It's Love that pays no attention to external conditions, because it is Love that finds validation from within. 

Love remembers thy other Love. Love builds a home and fills it with joy, peace, and light. Love transfers peace of mind, and it is Love that fulfills one's true desire. For the desire from Love is thy vision to foster strength, and the foundation to move forward in a trusting and positive direction. All its ways are pleasant. It's Love that's eternal. Sheer vanity and desire of the flesh, that's temporary. It's the desire to feel love that turns to mold, because it's constantly fueled with external validations that hold no merit. To want Love, one must offer Love. The sacred connection of two bodies as they form as one allows thy to feel close and secure.

In this crazy world, we don't know who we meet. The relationships we make. We don't know who they really are. It's a blessing for someone to meet the right person that they're attracted to and can get to know each other in a deeper way. I've been searching for the right person who I can love and get love back. It's tough out there. You'll meet a lot of interesting people. People that yell. People that cry. People that play the victim and hold onto the fact they were abused, need extra attention, and extra love. You'll meet people that care, people that encourage, and people that build. 

The important thing is to be happy with yourself and do what really makes you happy. Most people are certainly able to discern among factors that can ruin or build relationships. It's important to be honest with yourself too. True love is not an emoji. It's not a lot of emojis and a lot of I love you texts. True Love is offering strength and courage. True love values one another and doesn't give into their desires at the moment. Going on dates and finding out if the person is the one is an amazing thing. You're able to learn about someone. I always thought it was pure because we can never get in the way of someone's personal development and true love. But randomly making out with people is desire and vanity. It shows that one doesn't really have love for someone for they're open and eager to satisfy their beast. The beast is an animal and it's instinct is to survive. That's not love. That's survival when one satisfies the desire of their beast.

- Anonymous Love letter