Monday, February 8, 2016

Awakening to Love

It took time, much was needed
In time we move on
Time to awaken, time to be strong
Afraid and mistaken, foolish and sin
The heart, it was empty
Crying from within

Reliving the moment
Straight to the grave
Innocent, not victim 
Resilient and brave
Waves crashing down
I stumble, we fall
Spiritual awakening
Was headed for the wall

Now you see light, now I see you
Since the very first moment
I knew it was true
Taking a chance now
To live without fear
I'll hold you so tightly
So you don't shed a tear

Our life will be plenty
Envision it now
The tide has awakened
Let God show us how
Follow His path now
With meaning and love
Treasure each moment
Enlightened from above

Grasping to breathe it
I can feel the embrace
Once in a lifetime
Our path they will trace
Come to me wisely
Be strong and sincere
Genuine loyalty
I'll give you my dear

Shout your name only 
Loud and complete
It's you and me baby
My heart skipped a beat
Now let's move forward
With strength and all power
No one can stop this
Not on my hour

I'll follow your lead
Just lead me to good
My heart is now open
Through time it has stood
We're changing, much wiser
So good, so alive
Can you feel it 
I see it in your eyes

Written up above
Tempted by wicked
Yet grounded with love
No one can change it
Embrace it, it's ours
It's you and me darling
All divine powers
We make the rules
Our choices we hold
Let's go on this journey
Stay warm, and be bold

Watch as we fly now
Our pace feels the same
The years will pass quickly
Relieving all pain
Guide us to good
Guide us to love
Enlighten our spirits
God up above
Believe in us too
As we do in You
Bless this with goodness
The right path we'll choose