Sunday, February 21, 2016

Going Public With Success

When good things happen in one's life, many times people tend to feel some type of urge to let the world know. Whether it's telling or bragging about it to friends, family, or throughout social media, letting people know seems to be a big priority for some. Many times, it even gets to the point where telling people the good things that go on in a person's life is their first instinct, as opposed to enjoying and embracing the moment themselves. People are missing out on a good portion of that happiness for the mere gratification of spewing out all the goodness. 

I think it's better that people embrace each moment to the fullest, absorb all of the goodness and excitement on their own, and then let people know and share in their happiness. Otherwise, you might end up experiencing certain amounts of distress from outside influences. What people might not realize is that they're in fact the ones that are provoking their own distress at times. For any type of happiness that you might experience in life, there will always be haters, envious people, toxic people, bitter people, or friends that secretly want you to fail. As well, everyone is going to have an opinion about anything and everything that you do in life. Not everyone in the world has proper etiquette, or enough decency and class even to understand the power of kindness. 

Whether it's a decision you've made, a work-related success, some new and exciting deal that went through, or any other thing in business, as well as love related issues, relationship status, etc., once it's done, it's done. You've succeeded or made your decision, and you're happy with it. Not everyone will agree or like your good and happy news, or even view it as good news. People might very well disagree with your choices, or perhaps they'll just be envious in some way, and cause you distress by their reaction to your happiness and success. True kindness is when you can feel and embrace the happiness that others feel, without hating on them. 

Envy and jealousy are some of the ugliest traits that human beings behold. There will be people in your life that will like you so much that they will hate you, and become envious and bitter towards you because of that admiration. As well, there are people that will like you so much that they'll secretly enjoy seeing you fail, fall down, and not succeed at something that you may want so badly. Good friends, right! These types of negative characteristics are generally known to be found in toxic people. Once recognized, it's important to stay away from these types of people, or altogether remove them and negativity from your life. It's unfortunate, but not everyone will truly want to see you succeed in life, or even want what's best for you. 

Perhaps it's people's competitive nature, or whether or not they've had certain amounts of failures in their lives that make them act in such a toxic manner. It's important to recognize that jealousy, envy, bitterness, and hate are negative and toxic qualities. Those people clearly need to work on themselves. However, in places like social media, where many people have a lot of real friends, fake friends, acquaintances, random strangers, and people that they're trying to network with for business perhaps, there will be many outside opinions when you publicize any of your successes or happiness' in life and in love. As far as social media goes, there's no need to ever really go public about your personal life to an extent that will bring in any type of negative attention that could cause you distress. 

If you're going to publicize anything on social media, it's best to do so once you've built enough strength within yourself that you simply don't care what others think. If you've already had the chance to celebrate, embrace, and absorb your happy emotions to the fullest on your own, and you still want to go public with it, by all means, do so.  Do what makes you happy. Remember, happiness is the goal. Embrace and enjoy your excitement, without feeling the need to tell the world. Simply kill that desire, at least for now, so that you may enjoy your happiness and your success without getting negative or toxic opinions from others that may take away from your happiness. 

It's true that it shouldn't matter what other people think, but there's a place deep down inside everyone that could become sensitive or vulnerable to what others say. I'm not saying that it's the worst thing in the world to post your achievements and love story success throughout social media, or tell all of your friends and family everything good that happens in your life. I'm merely saying to wait until you have the strength within yourself to hear the opinions of others, without it taking away from your happiness. Think about it, we shouldn't need the reasurement, applause, praise, or approval of what we already feel good about. Why should we live our lives in a way that we feel the instinct of craving validation and approval from others if what we're doing or what we've done and decided satisfies us enough. Break that pattern if you catch yourself constantly thinking about sharing your good news, and enjoy it yourself first!