Friday, September 11, 2015

Dating: Why It's Best to Keep Quiet About Someone You Like

It's important to avoid all unwanted attention. The last thing that you want during early dating is to have everyone's opinion. Never write on social media your relationship status. Like many people that used to write their status on social networks, I have too, and it was a bad idea! You're asking for a lot of unwanted attention from people. You're dating someone and in a situation that could lead to something meaningful, but may end up going nowhere. It's important to be sure about the situation that you're in, before going public with it. If it doesn't work out with the person, you're going to have to update your status again, you'll have a lot of unwanted questions to answer, and a lot of unnecessary explaining to do. 

Keeping quiet can be hard to do when it comes to sharing your happiness about a promising situation. But remember that there's short-term darkness and long-term light. It's better to be sure about something 100% before publicizing what's going on in your private life. Don't you enjoy the feeling that you're experiencing and want to make it last as much as possible? Try to just concentrate on that, embrace the moment, and enjoy your time with this person. Don't worry about getting the opinions of others for any reason. You don't need other people to be happy for you, when you're truly happy already. Learn to be satisfied with the situation that you're being blessed with. Indulge yourself in the moment and in the pleasure from what you're experiencing. In the right time, you can both go public when you're sure it's going to go forward, and when you're both ready, you can mutually tell everyone. 

In case it doesn't work out, there will be less disappointment and questions from other people. Many times you can get over things that don't work out much quicker, when people aren't consistently asking you what happened, why it didn't work out, what you're doing wrong, or telling you what you should've done different. There's no need to involve people in something, when it's too soon to tell whether it's going to go anywhere. Besides, if you go on a lot of first dates, people will start to become very judgmental of you and why nothing's working out for you in your romantic life. 

In case you haven't heard it before, they say to keep the "bad eye" away. Depending on your religion or your beliefs, many people believe that people can have a bad eye, whether they're trying to or not. I try not to lead a very superstitious or overly religious and fanatical lifestyle. However, you won't catch me walking under a ladder on purpose anytime soon. I figure, it doesn't hurt not to walk under a ladder, when there's a clear path right next to the ladder to walk. Seriously though, I don't go out of my way to avoid superstitious things. But, I also don't believe in tempting people or the universe to give me the bad eye. 

I don't believe in flaunting things that you like or love in front of others. It can make people jealous and envious, and that's the last thing that you want to do. Whether it's the person you're dating, expensive things that you have, or anything that you really like. If you have an ex husband or wife, the last thing you want to do is rub it in their face when you're dating someone new. If you don't know that it's going to lead to anything long-term, keep quiet, give it time, and give it a real chance before telling anyone. It's important to be sure about the person that you're dating, before letting anyone know that it's something serious. 

The last thing that you want is to get unwanted or bad advice. Especially, before you ask for it. Depending on what people say, it can change your mood, perception, and cloud your thinking when trying to decide for yourself what's best for you. When dating someone that you truly believe has good potential and a lot of promise to be something special, go with your gut instinct. There's no need to get anyone's opinion on who you're dating early on, before you're sure about them yourself. You shouldn't need a second opinion. It shouldn't matter to you if someone else is crazy about the person you're dating. What matters most is how you feel about them. It's important to give the person a chance, because you see a lot of great things and qualities in them. Many people don't want or desire to have the same type of person or lifestyle that you do. You should go with your gut instinct and see how you feel, before getting any other opinions.