Friday, September 11, 2015

9 Things a Girl Should Do Before a First Date

1. Smother your hair with organic olive oil and put it up for one hour before showering to get ready for your date. Nothing's as good as having soft, shiny, healthy, beautifully conditioned hair that appears lustrous and full of life. You can use organic avocado oil if you prefer. Actually, avocado oil is the secret to having healthy, thicker, and longer hair that most people are unaware of. If you've ever noticed the ingredients that are in the best conditioners on the market, avocado or avocado oil is one of the top ingredients in conditioners for hair growth, shinier hair, and all around healthier hair. Being that avocados can be quite expensive, I recommend buying organic avocado oil at your local supermarket. Besides, using regular avocados can get very messy in the shower. A great way to let the olive oil or avocado oil completely absorb into your hair and scalp would be to wrap saran wrap all around your head to keep the moisture in. The longer you leave it on, the better. But try to leave it on for at least 15 minutes. You definitely need to wash your hair very well afterwards, because you don't want your hair to be oily looking. So wash your hair as you normally would, but make sure it doesn't feel oily, before using conditioner. 

2. Take a bubble bath so you can relax and be calm before your date. If you're not very big on taking baths and prefer a shower, you can shower afterwards. But first, take a bath to get your stress and the toxins out of your body. It can be the best thing you can do to relax before a date. You can lay back and let your mind drift off at ease. Taking a bath can relax your muscles and joints so that you'll feel like a new person when you get out. Taking a bath can be just as enjoyable as going in a jacuzzi or hot tub. The best part of the bath is the bubbles, because they make you feel young, happy, and hey, who doesn't like bubbles!

3. Use avocado oil all over your legs instead of lotion or in combination with lotion. You never want to have dry skin on a first date anywhere. Put avocado oil on your elbows, on your ankles, and all over your legs. Don't put so much that you become oily looking, but just enough to make your legs have a little shine and so that your skin is incredibly soft and appealing. Did I mention how good it is for your skin! 

4. Chamomile tea before a date is great and I would highly recommend it for those that get nervous or a little too excited before a first date or during early dating. Chamomile tea is great for calming your nerves and making you relax. Don't get me wrong, if you overdo it, you'll be asleep on your first date. So don't drink too much! The worst thing you can do before first date is drink anything with a lot of caffeine. Chamomile tea is usually caffeine-free or will have very minimal caffeine. Take a nap or at least, make sure that you're well rested. The last thing that you or your date want to see is you yawning throughout the date. 

5. Minty, fresh breath. Having good breath is essential in getting the chance to have a second date with someone. Having bad breath is completely unacceptable and will guarantee you not having another date with this person. Make sure that you not only brush your teeth, but you gargle with some type of mouthwash. Never eat onions, garlic, or anything that could leave a residual bad scent through your toothpaste and mouthwash. For those of you who don't care, think that it doesn't matter, and that you'll just chew gum and brush your teeth to get rid of the smell, you're completely mistaken. You shouldn't be too cocky or overly confident that anyone will like you for you, despite how your breath smells. 

6. Don't accept phone calls from anyone that could make you nervous or upset before a first date. There are many people in this world that unfortunately, act like they're your friends, even family members at times, and they're consciously or subconsciously trying to mess up your date and your happiness. As we all know, misery loves company and there are many envious, jealous people out there that pretend to be your friends, and choose to keep their enemies closer. You'd be surprised at how many of your "friends" secretly want you to fail. Don't get me wrong, not your genuine friends, but likely the friends that suddenly call you right before you're expecting to go on an important date. Maybe it's best that you don't let those types of friends know that you have anyone special in your life or that you're dating someone that has promise to bring happiness into your life. You never want to show up for a date looking nervous and full of anxiety. Anxiety is not a sexy quality, so make sure that you're calm and relaxed before a date. The last thing that your date wants to hear when they pick you up is you venting out your stress and anxiety. So just remember not to pick up those calls that you know could lead you to becoming nervous or stressed out before going on your date. 

7. Drink water. Sometimes many of us forget the importance of drinking water throughout the day. Whether we get too busy or simply too excited before going on a first date, many people forget to drink enough water and end up being quite dehydrated before a date. Remember to drink enough liquids throughout the day, not so that you're running to the bathroom constantly on your date, but just enough so that you won't have a dry mouth or feel weak from dehydration. What can I say, I live in Los Angeles and I had to put this on the list. Water is great for your hair, skin, nails, and might even give you that special glow in your face. When you're hydrated, your eyes will be clear, as if you used eye drops, and they'll have that special sparkle. You definitely don't want to have red eyes! So remember to drink enough water before going on that first date. 

8. Work out, go on a walk, or work out at the gym. There's nothing that feels as good as the accomplished feeling of having a great work out. Besides, when your date asks you what you did during the day, you can say you went to the gym, etc. Everyone admires a health conscious person. As well, getting a good work out can release all of the toxins from your body and make you feel great, energetic, and refreshed. You'll have a fit, healthy, and more appealing body for you and your date.   

9. Do some yoga, pray, or meditate before going out on a date. I pray all of the time, even on my way out of the front door before a date. Yes, before every single date. I think it's important to pray, and I feel happier and more confident, after each prayer. You don't necessarily have to pray that your first date will be your soulmate (but you can), but, you can pray that you'll have a great night, your date will be crazy about you, and that if the person turns out to be your true love or not, that it will be a fun and enjoyable evening. You can pray for whatever you want. Doing yoga or meditating can be incredibly relaxing and peaceful as well.