Saturday, September 12, 2015

8 Signs You're Dating a Bad Texter

Phone calls are very important during early dating and always. Texting should never become a way of replacing the phone call. There's nothing as enjoyable as hearing the voice of the person that you're interested in. Many of us have busy lives and get consumed with our daily activities. But it's always nice to let someone know that you care, by sending them a sweet message during early dating. Keep in mind that some people are simply not into texting and rarely text anyone, so it's important that you don't feel that a person ignoring you or that they're not into you, just because they don't respond. It's important to get to know someone during early dating and in the process, you'll find out soon enough if they're ignoring you or they're simply a bad texter. 

As we all know, when you're dating someone new, there's nothing like getting a good morning or good night text from the person you like. The truth is, when you're really excited and interested in the person that you're dating, you want them to text you and call you as much as possible. Texting is a way for someone to know that you're thinking about them throughout the day. I think it's sweet when people send messages of "thinking of you" and "how's your day going?" But when it comes to extensive conversations via text, it seems that people these days are getting carried away. 

When you're interested in someone a little or you don't know them very well, and the other person is texting you all of the time, it can become quite annoying, and you may lose interest. It's never good when people smother you with texts early on in dating. It's important to get to know a person and naturally see what they're comfortable with as far as texting and talking. Having said that, there should be a good medium and people should never over-text and use texting as a form of their main communication. When someone doesn't text you back right away, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. If you need to talk to a person right away, you can pick up the phone and call them. People rarely use the phone to call people anymore. Sometimes, texting is just easier to do when you're multitasking throughout your busy day. Texting should be used for quick communication, not for getting to know you questions. I decided to write a list of 8 ways to tell the person you're dating is a bad texter.

The list:

1. You write "K" instead of okay or ok. 

2. You don't know what an emoji is, let alone use them. 

3. When someone asks you a question via text, you text them back writing your whole life story. You're an over-texter. 

4. You don't respond to texts when you feel that something is understood. It doesn't hurt to send a :-) or at least an "ok."

5. You ask serious questions via text, when they should clearly be things discussed over the phone or in person. 

6. It's a sure way to tell that the person you're dating is immature when they text you "lol" too much. Once in awhile is one thing, but too much makes you look immature. 

7. Over using emoji's is annoying and a huge sign of being immature. But, don't get me wrong, when you like someone and they send you a red heart emoji, it can make your day.

8. It takes you a full day to respond to one text message. It's always better to respond that you're busy, rather than not texting someone back.