Monday, February 22, 2016

The Chase: When Women Chase Men

These days, many people feel that the rules have changed, and that women should pursue men just as much, if not more than men should pursue women. I'm here to tell you that I disagree 100%. This supposed new way of thinking doesn't work, nor benefit either gender, and many men would agree. Especially, when it comes to dating sites like Tinder, JSwipe, and other swiping dating apps. Not only do men instinctively like to chase women, and catch their prey, but they need to in order to appreciate what they catch. In other words, the chase is just as important today as it was long ago. 

Despite how strong, capable, independent, and self-sufficient many women are these days, a man still needs to take the lead, go after his woman, and make her his queen. Hearing from many men's perspectives, the feeling of power and taking the initiative to make the first move is changing more and more. In this era of online dating gaining in popularity around the world, many women are starting to take the lead and make the first move with men. Despite how flattering it might feel to a man initially when a woman makes the first move, ultimately, it won't end how women predominantly hope. This is definitely merely a generalization, but I'm sure that I'm not alone in this way of thinking. 

When a woman takes control of a situation like making the first move during early dating, or even contacting a man first via some type of message, whether on a dating site or in any other way, she's in charge, and it can be deflating to a man's ego, as well as diminishes his interest to some extent. Most men thrive on attaining the love of a woman, and especially, when she's not throwing herself at him, or even taking the lead. Men like a challenge to some extent. But, by no means am I trying to promote playing any type of mind games, because I don't, and I'm not. I'm merely stressing the importance of woman going back to their old fashioned ways of letting a man take the lead.

Just because a woman is self-sufficient, strong, confident, and capable enough to know that she's able to make the first move, it's better if she slows down her horse, and let's a man initiate. The toxic world of dating sites can make it hard for both men and women, and this is just one of the many reasons why. Just like anything in life that's a goal, a woman is essentially looked at in the same manner, whether we all agree to this mentality or not. It is what it is so to speak, and this is just what needs to happen, in order for men to appreciate what they've achieved. It's true however, that no woman wants to be looked at or considered to be anything that one would compare to being just a goal. But, this is life in the dating scene, and especially on dating sites.

Single women need to let men take the lead and make the first move. Whether it's the first message, first phone call, first friend request on social media, first kiss, or anything of the sort. Men and women have different gender roles, despite the level of strength, power, confidence, and all else that a particular woman may hold. A man needs to take the lead. This goes back to ancient times when men would fancy a woman, and pursue her, until he got what he wanted. Persistence is power, and power is attractive to women and men. Men like to feel powerful, and woman are turned on by it.

When it comes to missing out on chances that one didn't take, it's important to be aware that opportunity knocks for only so long, before one misses out. Having said that, when men don't take their masculine role and fly with it, they could miss out on something that could be the best thing that could ever happen to them. These days, when men don't go after what they want, some women feel as if they should make the first move. This is a bad mentality that many women are starting to embrace as the norm, when in fact, it will take them in the wrong direction, and not towards what they really want. 

Every woman should know her worth, and grasp the concept that if a man wants you, he'll go after you. If a man doesn't pursue you, he's not interested (enough), not worth your time, and you should remind yourself that you deserve better. Every woman deserves to be treated as if she's worth the chase. When a man doesn't chase you, he simply doesn't care or feel that it's worth his time and energy to chase after you. This is why many men don't put a lot of effort into attaining or maintaining the love that they want. Lack of effort in relationships is also a great way to tell that someone is losing interest. You deserve to be desired, pursued, and chased until the right man catches you. The right man for you will not only chase you, but he'll do anything to attain your love, and keep it.