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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Power to Be Happy

Every morning we have a choice to make. We can start out our day with a smile, uplifted spirits, and a positive outlook. We have the power within ourselves to control our mindset, and how we tend to start our day. When we have this amount of control within ourselves, where we can either take a path to light and positivity and have a good day, or a path that's dark, negative, pessimistic, with lack of energy or enthusiasm for life, we must decide wisely. We all have to live with the consequences of what happens when we don't choose to have a good day. No one can force anyone to look at the bright side of things or to see the world as a beautiful place where they can achieve so much, experience beautiful things, or find peace, love, and light in everything. 

The mood of people can affect others around them. In other words, if someone's in a negative, cranky, or bad mood, anyone that comes into contact with them might feed off of some of their energy and negativity, and then feel less light and happy themselves. As much as we don't want others to affect us in a negative manner, we can't always control how we'll get affected, until it's usually too late. This is why it's important and imperative even, to only keep positive, happy, emotionally stable, and healthy people around you as much as possible. It's important to weed out the negative and toxic people from your life. Toxic people and bad relationships are things that hold us all back in life, and in our journey. Whether it's family members, friends that secretly want you to fail, or anyone else, it doesn't matter who it is, because when someone is toxic, you should remove them from your life. Obviously, I don't mean to kill them, but I'm merely saying that you should distance yourself from them as much as possible. You should surround yourself with people that are generally happy on the most part. 

Happiness is a state of mind, and no one can feel completely happy all of the time, being that it's a mood. However, feeling happiness and joy can be something that we take in as a feeling. But, we have the power to maintain a certain amount that happiness in us throughout our lives, and not just from moment to moment when things are at their best. Feeling a sense of peace in your soul is something that we should all develop as a stable feeling. When you're at peace with yourself, then you can truly be at peace with others around you. Feeling a sense of peace is something that we can control within ourselves. The best way to find happiness and maintain it to the best possible extent would be to appreciate all of the beautiful things that you have in your life, as opposed to the things that you don't. There's so much happiness that can be attained by appreciating what you have, as opposed to what you don't. When we concentrate on all of the good things in our lives, on the things that we have, and appreciate them, we tend to feel happier inside. 

Generally speaking, truly happy people love themselves, and they do so before loving anyone else. These types of people are not arrogant, but they're humble, they know their worth, and they appreciate how they look, how they feel, and what they have in their life. They don't envy others because of the things that they have. They don't hate on others for feeling as if other people are better than them. They don't get jealous of what other people have, in which they still hope to acquire. Truly happy people know that they have the power to control their own actions, how they feel about themselves, about life, and about the world around them. Happy people know that they have the power to conquer all that they hope to, and achieve all of their goals, if they simply put in the effort to do so. 

Happiness is something that we can all create within ourselves, through our actions, through our words, and through the way that we think. We all control our own happiness, despite the things that happen around us in the world. We have a choice every morning to wake up, feel the sun against our skin, or the coolness of the air hitting our face, freezing our noses, and embracing the feelings of the world around us in a positive light. We all have the power to experience a new day of life, appreciate it by feeling joy for the mere chance at having another day to start anew, and have light and love be a part of our outlook. We have the power within ourselves to change a bad mood into a good mood or to view a bad situation as a good situation. We can decide every morning whether it's going to be a good day or a bad day. No one can take that decision away from you as a human being, but yourself. We don't have the power to change or control others, but we can control ourselves. This is a gift that God has bestowed upon us, where we get another chance to become a better person, a kinder person, and a more enlightened soul. It's up to us to know and understand that we all have the power to be happy people.

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