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Friday, February 26, 2016

Make Me a Priority or Move On

In life, and in love, it's important to know your worth, and not let people take advantage of you or walk all over you. Surprisingly enough, many people don't realize that someone is walking all over them, until it's already been done. It's important to recognize some of the red flags that are shown, and not sweep them under the rug. But instead, acknowledge those red flags, and stop the pattern of being treated in this type of manner. 

When it comes to knowing what you want, you shouldn't settle for less. If someone is unable to give you what you want or provide the type of life and love that you need, it's best that you move on and find someone who can. People only get a certain amount of chances in life, and there's always a point in situations where one doesn't deserve a second chance in a relationship. Second chances in relationships should only happen in specific cases, and when there's still hope of things improving in the future. 

If you start to notice your relationship heading on a decline, and you feel you're not getting treated the way that you should be, you need to address the issue, and call people out on their sh..! If things don't change once they've been addressed, you need to move on. Do you wonder, "Why won't he make me a priority?" When someone doesn't make you a priority in their life, you're just not that important to them. Having a balanced life is very important. When someone has the right amount of balance in their life, everyone and everything will become a priority. The reason being is because everything that a person concentrates on when there's balance gets enough effort, time, and attention that it deserves. When someone truly cares about you, they make time for you.

If someone isn't making you a priority when you're dating or in a relationship, they don't have enough balance in their life or they simply view you as unimportant or an option. If someone is treating you in such a manner that you're feeling as if you're not a priority to them, communicate your feelings to the person, and if nothing changes, move on. You shouldn't have to feel less than or get treated in a way where you feel that you're always put last. 

Everyone deserves to be treated as a priority, and treated in a manner where they feel loved and appreciated. If you put up with being treated a certain manner, and you feel that you deserve to be treated better, but do nothing about it, then it's your own fault. Again, communicate your feelings to your partner, as communication is everything in relationships. If nothing changes and things don't improve, move on, and be with someone that will have more balance in their life, treat you special, and how you should be treated, as a priority. 

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