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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let Go of Fear, Open Your Heart, and Embrace Love

During the early dating period, and even more so after the first few dates with a person, it's important that you embrace and absorb the feelings and emotions that you experience. At times, some people feel a bit afraid to let go, and be in touch with their feelings on a deeper level, even when their instinct is telling them that it's safe. In other words, as opposed to dating someone that has bad intentions, or that has any motive to mislead you in any way, you're dating a person that has pure intentions, and is truly dating you for the right reasons. You need to be cautious during the early dating period, but you should do so without feeling skeptical, pessimistic, or jaded.

I always write about the importance of going into every new situation with an open heart, but with a certain amount of caution, and without fear. It's important to have an open heart, so that you'll be able to let love in, and recognize it when you see that it's good, and real. It's important to embrace the emotions that you feel throughout your life, and without being afraid to do so. Whether you've had bad experiences in life, or if you've had previous relationships that had a lot of issues or that were totally toxic even, it's important not to bring that baggage into a new situation. You should feel safe enough to open up your heart, and embrace the emotions that you naturally and instinctively feel towards a new love. 

Everyone has experienced certain situations that might make them have lingering feelings of doubt, insecurity, disbelief, or even lack of trust towards people. However, despite what anyone has experienced and gone through in a previous relationship that didn't work out, it's imperative that we all give each new situation a true chance. In order to give situations the chance that they deserve, when they in fact do deserve a chance, it's important to let go of any fear that things won't work out based on your feelings from previous experiences. If you bring in feelings of doubt, etc., then despite how good a new situation could be, it will never get a real chance at survival, or at least it won't be as successful or go as smoothly as it would've if you didn't bring in that fear. Fear has no place in a new situation, being that new situations are supposed to be fresh, promising, positive, and they should have a clean slate. 

Remember, when you go into new situations, and you open your heart up to feeling the emotions that naturally come about, embrace those feelings. Don't be afraid of them. It's important to know and believe that feeling happiness, and experiencing love is something that you and everyone in this world deserves. Many times people don't feel that they're deserving of love, and that's why they're hesitant to embrace those natural feelings that come about during early dating, or even throughout relationships. It's important to give relationships a real chance at success. In order to do so, let go, abandon your fear and doubts, open up your heart to giving and receiving love, and absorb and embrace that love with all of your heart.