Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pure Intentions

Have you ever heard of the old saying, "What are your intentions with my daughter?" These days, I think many people laugh at you when you want to know someone's intentions. But the truth is, even in that old saying, when you or a parent (as per my example), know that a person has good intentions for you or their child, you feel a sense of relief. Then you can let go, so that things can take their natural course. Do you feel that everything needs to match up perfectly and be completely aligned for you to go forward with someone? Are you a perfectionist and feel that everything must be perfect in your partner? Do you consider a person's feelings when you don't have pure intentions for them? 

I believe that everyone knows what their intentions are for another person within the first moment of meeting. That first impression says a lot. Over time, your purest of intentions may fade. You may lose interest in the person, but stay with them. You may even lose track of the initial reason you started dating someone and give in to your immediate gratification and selfish desires. When someone doesn't know if your intentions are pure and you're not direct about what you want with them, it's like walking through a dark tunnel and not being able to see the end. It's always a good idea to be upfront and communicate how you're feeling to the other person. When you do that, there's less chance of a person getting attached to someone who no longer views them with such pure intentions.

It's a horrible thing to be with someone or stay with someone that you don't have intentions to be with long term. You should never play with people's emotions like that. Everyone deserves the respect of knowing the other person's intentions. If you don't know your intentions with another person, even early on, then your intentions aren't pure. You should take some time and do some serious soul searching, until you figure it out. I believe in having pure intentions with every situation. 

If you're looking to date and have fun, then make sure the person knows that that's all that you're looking for. If you're looking to get married and have children, then you need to be clear about that early on to the other person. If you're looking to get married, but you don't want to have kids, then you need to let the other person know that early on, just in case they want children in the future. You should always be clear and direct as to what you want from a partner. Hurting other people is a serious thing. People's feelings shouldn't be taken lightly. Everyone deserves the respect of knowing the other person's intentions and if they have a chance at being your true love. 

If you have doubts about a person, you should communicate that to the other person, so that you'll be on the same page. It's so important to be on the same page as the person you're dating. Being on the same page consists of both people communicating what they want and don't want now and in the future. Life will be much more beautiful for both people when they express themselves directly and with pure intentions. We should all keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect person. We're all better at some things, than others and we all have imperfections. 

It's all about your perspective and the way you're looking at things. I find that many times, it's the imperfections that people fall in love with. It's about time that we all understand that we can strive for perfection, but can never attain it. Love yourselves and love the people around you for who they are and how they are. We can all improve ourselves. But, don't try to change someone else's core values or what they desire in life. It may only haunt you in the end. Love people for how they are when you meet them and whatever positive changes and growth that happens after that, view it as frosting.