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Friday, July 31, 2015

No Drama

To rid yourself of drama, or nip it in the bud, that is the question. Are you the type of person who likes to avoid drama no matter what? Would you avoid people and situations if you know that there could be drama involved? Are you the type of person that likes to know the route of problems so that there won't be drama or that the drama that exists will cease? Which type of person are you? Having drama has a lot to do with bad communication. I think that a lot of drama could be prevented if things are done in the right manner and accordingly. When things are done in the right way, there won't be so much drama. Drama exists when there are unresolved, emotional hurts where people haven't felt heard, related to, or understood. 

In relationships, it's very important to remember to reflect when someone is sharing their feelings with you, even when you disagree. What is reflecting? Reflecting is when someone tells you how they feel and you repeat exactly how they feel back to them. Let me give you an example. "I'm feeling like I'm the only one giving in this relationship. I feel unhappy because you don't give me your full attention and it seems like you're not present when I'm talking with you." Now the other person is going to reflect. Here's the reflection of my feelings. "So you're saying that you feel like you're the only one giving in this relationship, you feel unhappy because you feel I don't give you my full attention, and you feel like I'm not present when you're talking with me." That's a long example, but that's an example of reflecting. This way the person feels like you heard what they said. It's important to reflect what the person said and how they feel, before responding with how you feel. After you reflect, you should let the person know how you feel and then they should reflect to you in the same manner.

Hopefully, things will work out when you have better communication and there will be less drama because of it. It's so important in a relationship that both people feel heard. Even when two people disagree on things, it's still important to keep a healthy dialogue and to have great communication. Communication is everything. You may be the type of person who feels like, who needs this headache? Why should I have to repeat what you're saying just so that you'll feel heard? The reason reflecting what someone says and feels is so important is because when someone feels heard, there's less drama.