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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Single on Valentine's Day 2016

The holiday of love is coming up. The romance filled day of mushiness is just around the corner. Many of us can't wait for it and many of us can't wait for it to be over. When you have someone to love, whether you're dating someone new, in a relationship, or settled down and married, you have someone, and you're likely going to be looking forward to Valentine's Day. For all others, which means the rest of the single world that hasn't yet found their match, you might be avoiding the mere thought of Valentine's Day altogether.

We all hope to have that special someone, and when the holidays come around, and you haven't yet found your match, you can either pretend that it doesn't phase you that you'll be alone, drink your sorrows away (not that I'm promoting it), make plans with other single friends, or just wish that this too shall pass, and look forward to the whole "holiday" being over. For those that don't care about the holiday, and are enjoying their single life, I give you props, and this article is likely not for you. The fact that anyone is reading this article at all is already a sign that either you're single and hope to find your match, you're in a relationship, or you're married. Generally speaking, singles that are enjoying their single life, without the hopes of finding their true match, and the love of their life, don't usually read relationship blogs. But, that's merely my perception, and I could be wrong (probably not though).

There's nothing wrong with being single on yet, another Valentine's Day, when you're still hoping to find your true love. If you think about it, your future is still ahead of you, and it's likely going to be bright and beautiful. My suggestion to all the singles out there that are still awaiting their true love, is to look forward to Valentine's Day, try to embrace the feeling of love through watching others, and in their happiness, and to truly embrace that feeling of warmth and happiness for those that already have someone. I know what you're thinking! Really? That's your advice! That might be difficult if you're hating on others for having found their match, and containing feelings of bitterness, envy, or jealousy. It's important that you don't become bitter or envious of those that have someone. As well, try not to be a hater of this red heart, Emoji filled holiday. Try to feel happy for those around you, and embrace positive, and happy thoughts in regards to others. You'll have that special love when the time is right. You'll get everything that you want, and perhaps it won't be in your time frame, but in the right time that it's supposed to happen for you.

I went out with a friend the other night. I was sitting across from her and I noticed that through the glass there was a couple sitting in the same manner, straight across from one another. They both had their phones out, and they were texting and searching for things, and I made light of it, thinking how funny it was that these days everyone is glued to their electronics, even on a date. I thought how ridiculous it looked, until I got a wee bit nosy, and peaked at what they were looking at. At first, and as ludicrous as it seemed, I frowned upon the fact that they were staring into their phones, although I know I shouldn't judge. But just then, I saw that they were looking at engagement rings. 

I'm not sure exactly what my friend was thinking, but my thoughts and feelings were quite clear. It was not only heartwarming that just before Valentine's Day this couple was about to tie the knot, but instead of doing something that I felt was toxic (or perhaps toxic is too harsh of a word), they were doing something sweet. Either way, something negative ended up being something so beautiful, and I made humour in the fact that I was envious, and jealous of this couple finding happiness. I had an absolute ear to ear grin on my face, and I pretended to be jealous a little bit. Think about it, two single girls having a girls night out, and sitting directly next to them through a glass window is an incredibly happy couple, in love, and ready to start their life together. 

My true feelings weren't envy, despite the fact that I'm still single, and still searching for my true love. However, it is kind of funny to joke about it, because of all the things that the couple would have been doing in their phones, looking for engagement rings was not at the top of my list of things that were possible. A person's first instinct would be that their love was gone, they were bored of each other, they lacked romance, and passion, or perhaps they were addicted to their iPhones. I don't see how anyone couldn't be happy for a couple in love like that. However, I realize that some people wouldn't be happy for them if they'd grown to be bitter and envious of others that have found love, while they're still searching. It's important that we don't get to a point of bitterness, envy, or jealousy when it comes to seeing others enjoy having found their partner, despite whether or not we've found our match yet, and despite how long it may take us.

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