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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Effort and Good Communication

In relationships, you should never have to force things to work. Generally, things should naturally flow in life and in love. Many times, in relationships one person is doing all of the giving, and putting out all of the effort. Not only isn't that the way that things are supposed to be, but you shouldn't put up with it, and you should exit any situation where that's the scenario, and you're the only one giving. In relationships, it takes two people that are both willing to put effort into making things work, into improving the relationship if needed, and in being willing to go the extra mile so to speak. In a healthy relationship, both people concentrate on giving, and the receiving naturally reciprocates, leaving both people feeling satisfied and happy. One-sided relationships never work. It's imperative that when you feel that you're in a one-sided relationship and you feel that you're the only one giving, address the issue to your partner, be direct, clear, and let them know how you feel.

You should never just end a situation abruptly when you feel that it's lacking in some area. However, you should do your part by trying to communicate your feelings. Having good communication is everything when it comes to being a healthy relationship. Many times people get distracted with other things or they possibly don't realize that they're not giving enough attention to their relationship, and at times, your partner may be oblivious that you feel that something is lacking. I can't stress enough the importance of communicating your feelings to your partner. I say this all the time, but many people don't take my advice, and bottle up their feelings. It's important to release your feelings, be honest, direct, and let your partner know how you truly feel deep inside. That's the only way to truly have healthy and happy relationship, and to make sure that it has a real chance at survival. After communicating your feelings to your partner, if you see that nothing changes, and they still don't reciprocate your feelings, and expressions of love, it might be time to find a different partner who will actually appreciate you, your time, your effort, and the love that you have to give.

Effort is something that can make or break a relationship. When relationships lck effort by either person, it can leave one partner feeling down, less than, and unappreciated. Everyone wants to feel that their partner appreciates them, and is willing to go that extra mile to show them that they care. Everyone wants to feel loved and adored, but especially by the person that they love the most. When someone "truly" loves you, it will never be about the price that you paid for something, as much as it will be about the thought and effort gone into whatever it is. I always say that effort is free, costs nothing, and has the power to make someone feel truly loved, adored, and appreciated. Again, listen to what I'm saying... Effort costs nothing, and it has no price. Show those that you love, that you indeed love them. Express your love and feelings through your actions, and your words. Don't solely express your words and don't solely show your actions. Be balanced with everything in your life, including in your relationships.

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