Thursday, March 10, 2016

Reading Minds in Relationships

From the time that we're all really young, we're taught to communicate our feelings through our words. Communicating our feelings doesn't stop when we're a child. It's merely the beginning of our journey in this life. It's important that from the time that were really young until we start dating and explore relationships, it's important that our communication skills not only remain, but improve. Communication is everything in relationships. That's a statement that I've repeated over and over throughout many of my articles. The reason being is that one of the most important factors in having and maintaining a healthy, happy, and loving relationship is having great communication. 

Having great communication is something that's needed on both ends of a relationship. Despite how well one person communicates, the other person must be open to expanding and improving on their communication skills as well. Having good communication means more than just talking and listening. It means that you're open to understanding and sympathizing with the other person. In other words, it means that you're open to learning, accepting, and willing to improve on your relationship as a team, and as a couple. Many times people automatically assume that when someone has been with them long enough in a relationship, they know exactly how they're feeling, what they want, and what they don't want, despite whether or not they communicate it to them in words. This ends up becoming a big problem in relationships. 

Despite how long a couple has been together, they should never assume what the other person is trying to say or express to them. This is why it's imperative to be very direct when we speak. It's important that we all learn to better communicate our feelings through what we say, and how we say it. People can't read our minds, unless they're some type of psychic or what not. If you're feeling strong emotions and you want to feel heard, understood, and you're hoping to see something change possibly, you can't sit on your behind and wait for this to change. Instead, you need to let the other person know how you're feeling. They can't read your mind, and they definitely won't know how you're feeling unless you let them know. Don't act out, have an adult temper tantrum, or express your feelings through anger or bitterness, etc. Just be direct and tell them how you're feeling. 

Like I said before, expressing oneself starts at an early age, and it's something that needs to always be improved on. People need to be willing to work on themselves and improve things for their whole life, and not just when they're young. It's important that we let our partners know how we're truly feeling, and be direct in our approach in order so that they know what's going on inside of us. This even goes for people that are merely dating someone. One of the best qualities in a person that you're dating is when they're brutally honest, open book, and direct with you. There are many people that prefer to avoid any type of confrontation in relationships. That goes for any drama, turbulence, or friction. When people try to avoid having drama, debates, or any other type of disagreements in relationships, they're basically stunting the growth of their relationship. 

It's imperative that we all learn to communicate better, let people know what we want, what we like, and what we don't. As well, it's so important that we be direct with our partner, instead of beating around the bush, hoping or assuming that they'll already know what we want or mean by our expressions or simply by knowing us for a certain amount of time. People should never be afraid to express their feelings or to be themselves in any way. It's important to be aware when someone isn't okay with you being direct, open book, or brutally honest. In cases like that, there's a bigger underlying issue in the relationship, or at least with the person who prefers to be kept in the dark. A healthy relationship consists of honesty, being open book, direct, and having, as well as maintaining great communication.