Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 Benefits of Dating a Single Parent

There are many reasons why some people prefer to date a single parent. I'm going to list some of them in this article. There are many people that wouldn't be open to dating a single parent if they've never had kids themselves. I'll write more about that in another article. In this article, I'm trying to spread more awareness to some of the amazing qualities that many, if not most single parents have. As well, I want to list some reasons why it's not only okay for people to date single parents, but why it's beneficial to them. 

There are many people that are very open to dating single parents. Many of them are single parents themselves, but many of them aren't parents yet, and even prefer to date single parents. There are many reasons for that. Perhaps they love kids, they can't have kids of their own, or perhaps they feel that because of their own busy schedule, the person might be more understanding, and less clingy or needy of their time and availability. Having said that, people can always make time when they want to (Read: "The Power of Date Night"). 

Some single parents prefer to date other single parents, because they feel that they understand the concept that their kids will always come first. As well, they'll automatically assume that the other person will be understanding of that, and they'll likely be the same way with respect to their kids. If you have any strong feelings towards not dating single parents, it's important to change your way of thinking, before actually dating one. It's never a kind thing to do to date someone for your own selfish reasons, when you ultimately know that your intentions are impure, or that you ultimately don't see yourself settling down with a single parent. Having said that, perhaps this article will open up some eyes, hearts, and minds to considering dating a single parent. 

The positives of dating a single parent definitely outweigh the negatives of dating them. It's a truly beautiful thing that single parents put their kids first, because when they do so, it shows what kind of person they are. It gives people a sense of what kind of heart they have, and whether they're a giving, loving, and nurturing type of person. As well, if you're hoping to have kids of your own one day, it lets you in on how it will be later on if you choose to have children with them. 

Here's the list:

1. You can get a taste of parenthood.

You get to see what kind of parent they're going to be. You'll see if they're a dedicated parental figure. You'll see the type of parenting style that they raise their kid/kids with. From the type of discipline that they use with them to the amount of love, effort, and time that they put into raising their child/children. There won't be any big surprises later. For those that are hoping to have kids of their own, and they're dating a single parent that's hoping to have more kids as well, it gives them a sense of what it will feel like to be a parent. In a nutshell, it's a taste of parenthood before becoming an actual parent.

2. You can see first hand that they love being a parent.

If they have kids from a previous situation, and they're still hoping to have more kids of their own, then it basically shows people how much they love being a parent. This can be truly valuable information.

3. They're responsible.

They understand what it means to have priorities and responsibilities. They're independent, less clingy, and tend to be quite self-sufficient.

4. They're family oriented.

If you're the type that likes to be around a lot of people, and strongly believes in, embraces, and enjoys the concept of being family oriented, it brings a very fulfilling and complete feeling. You'll never feel as lonely as you might otherwise, when you're surrounded in a home with a big family.

5. They're patient.

They're patient and will likely be careful before rushing down the aisle to wed once again (if they've previously been married). They'll take the time to get to know you, without putting on the pressure too quickly (which I know many people despise). They might even wait to introduce you to their kids. It's important to wait in regards to meeting their kids until they feel ready to introduce you.

6. They're loving and nurturing.

They're used to giving love and being nurturing to their child/children. So they're bound to give you the same type of love or at least, another version of it. But, love is love and nurture is great! Come on, who doesn't want to be nurtured and adored!

7. They're selfless.

They're used to putting their kids first, and before anyone else. At least the best parents do so, and what usually goes along with that is thinking of and putting their kids before themselves. Therefore, they're used to being selfless, and that's one of the most beautiful qualities. I think that most would agree.

8. They don't play games.

They know what they want. They don't have time to play games or to deal with people that play them. Despite how old the single parent is, or young for that matter, they tend to be more mature, and know how to handle tough situations, or at least, hang in there when things get tough.

9. They're frugal.

They tend to be more frugal, and prefer not to waste things like food. Don't worry, even if you don't enjoy eating leftovers, they'll likely brings them home for the kids when they're not with you (read: "First Date: May I Have a Doggy Bag Please? 5 Reasons Why Men Think It's Okay").

10. They'll appreciate those that are young at heart.

If you're the type of person that's young at heart, and you still enjoy the little kid inside of you, you'll likely get away with playing with toys, and doing kid things. The best part is that the end result will be that the single parent will adore you for your childlike qualities, from the attention you'll likely give to their child/children, and the kids will probably love you for it too.