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Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Date: May I Have a Doggy Bag Please? 5 Reasons Why Men Think It's Okay

I'm curious to know how many men think it's okay when a woman takes home leftovers on the first date. As well, I'm wondering how many woman would actually take home leftovers on a first date. It's rare to see men take home leftovers on an early date, so we won't discuss that in this article. In this article, I'd like to discuss why it is or isn't appropriate for a woman to take home leftovers on a first date. 

On a first date, there's usually a certain energy where you're not fully comfortable yet. If you're comfortable right off the bat, then the more power to you. But for the rest of us, sometimes we get a little shy and embarrassed to take home leftovers on an early date. But, there's no reason why you shouldn't, if you want to. Sometimes during early dates, we get so excited and nervous, because everything with this person is so brand new. Being that your emotions are at this height of excitement, you might not have such a big appetite. Well, if you're anything like me, you wouldn't. 

When I get excited about a first date, I can barely eat before or during the date. When some people get nervous and excited, they tend to eat more. I think what most girls worry about is what a man will think of them, if they bring home leftovers on an early date. What they may not realize is that there are many reasons why a man might like it if you do. Here's a few reasons why a man would appreciate you taking home leftovers on a first date. 

1. It shows that you don't like to waste food. 

2. It shows that you're comfortable to voice your opinions and what you want. This will make you appear confident. 

3. It shows that you don't follow any rules and that you're easy-going. 

4. Perhaps a man wanted to take home his leftovers, but was embarrassed to take anything to go, because he wanted to make a good impression on you. He might even want to take home the leftovers, so he can eat them for lunch at work the next day. If he sees you taking home leftovers, he might feel like it's okay to take them home as well. 

5. It shows him that you're not too proud to take home leftovers. It can make you come across as very humble in his eyes. 

Having said all of this, there are some men who never take home leftovers and always want fresh food for themselves. As well, there are men who think it's tacky when a woman takes home leftovers. As far as me, if I really want to take anything home, I'll be the first to ask for a doggy bag. Especially, because I get so shy on a first date, that I rarely eat anything at the restaurant. However, I usually finish up everything, before I go to sleep that same night, or the next day. But, only, because I don't want to waste it!