The Damage of Being Lied to in Relationships

When it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship, certain fundamentals must be there. These fundamentals are like the pillars...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy and Healthy Relationships

If you ask people what their ultimate goal is in life, many would say something different from the next. Some people would say that their goal is something family, work, or even financially related. However, that's not exactly what their ultimate goal is. I think that everyone's absolute, ultimate goal in life is happiness. Being that happiness is the goal, it's important to surround yourself with certain types of people. People that are generally happy, optimistic, kind-hearted, and loving are the types of people that can bring about that happy state of mind. You should surround yourself with those that will bring about more happiness when they're in your presence, and in your life.

There will always be some haters out there that won't have your best interests at heart. As well, you might even make friends that secretly want you to fail, and types that will feel envious or jealous of you in some way. It's important to weed out those types of people from your life, because there's no room in a happy person's life for negativity and hate. Hate is our worst enemy. We need to choose our friends wisely. We also need to only bring in and surround ourselves with people that will want us to succeed and feel happy in life. Despite what you might think and how you may feel that you're too strong or resilient to get affected by them, negative people will suck you in, and some of their toxic actions or beliefs could rub off on you. Just being in a toxic person's presence can distort your way of thinking or how you would normally act or respond to things.

Unfortunately, some people that we meet in life will have bad intentions. They can be very manipulative, pessimistic, negative, selfish, and low. Even when someone is incredibly resilient, strong, but perhaps naive at times, some of a toxic person's behaviours and ways can affect you and drag you down, and possibly even stunt your growth in the spiritual world. Enlightenment is a beautiful thing, and we should all strive for the light and not waste our love, time, energy, and moments on those that will bring us misery. Toxic people can distort the truth, and invade our kind hearts and positive spirit. Don't let those types into your lives. Be aware of any signs of such behaviour, distance yourself or end the relationship, and head in a different direction.

Just as it's better when searching for your soulmate, true love, and within the dating scene altogether, it's always better to be alone, rather than with the wrong person. It's the same when it comes to having friends or even some family members, if they only bring you misery, discomfort, heartache, and pain. When people only drag you down, make you feel bad about yourself, and kill your positive and happy spirit in some way, it's important to distance yourself from those types. Despite who is bringing you down in life, whether they're your friends or family, it's imperative that you disconnect from them, and exit those types of toxic relationships. Relationships should bring about more happiness, not less. We're not obligated to keep family or friends close when they're extremely toxic and unhealthy. I'm a big believer and supporter of being family oriented. But when it's toxic, nothing more than a cordial relationship should be maintained.

Surrounding yourself with loving, kind, and like-minded individuals provides much more than merely having healthy relationships. It also makes it so that you'll reach your full potential by not getting distracted with negativity, pessimism, and it's likely to minimize any drama that would otherwise occur and weigh you down. Having and maintaining healthy relationships makes it so that you'll feel better and be more apt to succeed through all endeavours in your life. When we have a balanced lifewe make time for everything that's important to us. Unhealthy or toxic relationships suck up our energy, our time, and cause a tremendous amount of unwanted and definitely unneeded stress. Who needs that!

Remember, we don't owe anyone our love and our time when they're undeserving of it. No one should treat you poorly and get away with it just because you let them into your life, and into your immediate circle. Be cautious and careful who you bring in close. When you start to see signs of an unhealthy situation or friendship of some sort, let it go. Happier situations are awaiting you, and you won't be open to them when you're busy and consumed with current toxic ones. You have the power to open doors and close them. No one can keep you in negative situations more than you choose to be in them. Free yourself, let go, and start all over. Every day we all get a new chance at building new opportunities and relationships with people that will accept us, love us, and bring about more happiness. Open your eyes and heart to new and beautiful situations by letting go of negative ones.