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Friday, March 11, 2016

Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion Show at Bloomingdales

As many of you know, I'm a lifestyle and relationship blogger. But what is lifestyle without fashion. Today I spent the day browsing through some of the latest trends and fashion in the Sherman Oaks Galleria with my love. I found myself passing by Bloomingdales, and figured, there's always time for Nespresso. So I gradually made my way upstairs to their Nespresso bar, and enjoyed a few cups of my favourite. Yes, a few cups! 

After being gifted some incredible Nespresso capsules, I walked passed the china, and headed back down to the second floor where I so casually found myself at the beginning of an event that was about to start. But wait! What was the hold up? The model hadn't showed up yet, and I might've seen a chicken without it's head running around. Seriously though, the employees and hosts were remaining calm, but they'd apologized for the few minute delay for the fashion show of Diane Von Furstenberg. No worries, there were pastries and champagne, so no one seemed to mind too much. 

My love and I decided to sit down and enjoy the show, and hey, I was all up for indulging in some sweets and champagne. After being seated for about 30 seconds, I was brought some sweets, and before I could even take a bite, I was scooped up and the next thing you know, I was modeling for Diane Von Furstenberg's incredible new trends. How cool was that! I figured, hey, why not! They swept me away, walked me downstairs to Chanel to have my makeup done, and at that point, shoes were all that they needed. Oh, and my dress size was perfect for them. The other model showed up after all, but we took turns doing our struts.

In case you've been in a fashion cave for some time, and you're unaware of who Diane Von Furstenberg is, you seriously need to Google her. She's an incredible fashion designer, the owner of a fashion company called DVF, and very well known for her gorgeous wrap dresses. She's incredibly big in the fashion industry, and as well as being a former Princess, she has a long list of other accomplishments. I was very fortunate to have had the experience of modeling some of her latest collection. I hope you all enjoy these pictures taken by Two Scoops Photography.