The Damage of Being Lied to in Relationships

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Keeping It Real

Being real and in touch with your emotions is better than presenting oneself as appearing strong, being heartless, acting cold, or being indifferent. Being in touch with your emotions is the true meaning of keeping it real. One can say that they're keeping it real in relationships, yet being true to their feelings is what it's really all about. Many people feel that keeping it real means that they're saying how things actually are, without holding in their true feelings. Many times people that feel that they're keeping it real can be quite insensitive, because they're actually not keeping it real. They're merely stating facts and opinions. Keeping it real means that you're not only stating facts, and telling it how it is, but you're actually being true to yourself by embracing your true emotions.

Many times people's view of keeping it real is followed by having an attitude, an apparent surface strength, and a cold or elusive energy that goes along with it. My belief is that everyone should be kind to others, and when they keep it real, they should do so in a way that's sensitive, considerate, and in a kind manner. There's a way of keeping things real, being honest, open book, and direct without hurting others around you. What it really boils down to when it comes to keeping it real and telling people how you truly feel is how much someone actually means to you. If you truly care about another person, whether they're your spouse, partner, or even merely a friend, it's important to be kind, caring, and sensitive to them. 

The way that you go about talking to others is a big deal, as there's a great importance and power in the words that we use. As I've written before, there's nothing wrong with people that are too sensitive, and despite how sensitive another person is, it's important to be careful how we speak. We should always be considerate with the things that we say, how we say them, and the words in which we use to express ourselves. Remember, we have one mouth, one tongue, and we should all be cautious with the words that we choose to use. Words can cause much pain, discomfort, and heartache to others if we're not careful. Being honest and direct is important for all types of relationships, but when we want our relationships with others to be healthy, happy, and filled with love, it's important that we not only express ourselves with kindness, but that we're careful, cautious, and courteous in the way that we go about doing so.