Monday, February 15, 2016

Addicted to the Honeymoon Phase

During the early dating period, within the beginning of relationships, or marriage, there's a special feeling that usually arises in people, and it's routed from everything feeling new and exciting. Happy couples generally get to experience this feeling, and it's usually referred to as the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase is a time that everything is new, exciting, and the love seems more intense. As well, there are so many exciting new experiences that even if you've experienced before, you haven't yet experience them with this person, and that makes them exciting and new as well. 

Throughout relationships, people start to adjust to their situation, and that exciting feeling tends to fade a bit, or change, depending on how you perceive things. I've written before about the honeymoon phase, and how it's important to recognize that the feelings of those new exciting emotions that you're experiencing with the person doesn't have to fade, but it can change, but for the better. Having said that, some people get addicted to those feelings during early dating, and they long to always have that honeymoon phase type of feeling in relationships. When those types of people don't feel the honeymoon phase any longer, they peace out, end the relationship, feeling as if the love is gone, or that their feelings have changed for the person. This is a bad misconception on many people's parts, and if their perception doesn't change, they could end up becoming a very lonely person. 

Healthy relationships and true love takes hard work, despite how compatible a couple is. No one should expect that things will remain the same throughout a relationship, or even a marriage. People are constantly changing and growing throughout their lives, and that obviously goes for during relationships as well. No one should expect that the honeymoon phase type of feeling should last throughout a lifetime, but they should concentrate on maintaining a healthy, loving, happy, and balanced relationship. Even if things aren't new all of the time, and those exciting feelings of things being experience for the first time with someone aren't there, there are always ways to spice things up. 

There are always things that can be done in relationships where one's love life seems to be lacking in some areas. Perhaps people should concentrate on giving more often than they do, showing appreciation more often than they do, spicing things up in the bedroom more often than they do, and expressing their love more often than they do through their actions and words. People that get addicted to the honeymoon phase are truly missing out on what real love is all about. This type of addiction and toxic behaviour is a real addiction, a real problem, and when it's not addressed, and worked on by the person who feels this desire of only accepting love into their life when it contains the sole emotions of a honeymoon phase, they'll likely end up alone and miserable. 

It's important that when looking for love, you do so with pure intentions, as well as knowing what you want now, and in your future. When a person knows what they want in their life now, as well as in the future, it's important that they strive for it, and do whatever it takes to make it in relationships. Having the type of love that you want in life isn't always easy, and it takes work from both people. There are always things that couples can do if they're desiring that new type of feeling. Couples can travel, take a day trip, buy a new fragrance, get new lingerie, pick up a new hobby, explore the world together, or a million other things. 

Couples shouldn't feel bored with one another at any point in a relationship. If a couple is starting to feel bored or as if there's nothing exciting going on, they can create that excitement in many different ways. They should brainstorm, figure it out, but definitely, and by no means should the couple break up, because there's a sudden feeling of silence, boredom, or lack of excitement in their life together. Like I said, relationships and true love takes hard work, and both people should communicate their feelings to one another, and come up with a solution to bring about more excitement and happiness in the relationship.