Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Ways to Spice Things up in the Bedroom

Every day we generally have a routine that we follow. We wake up, get ready, go to work, do errands, go home, etc. When it comes to intimacy, having the same old routine might not cut it for you or your partner. It's important to find ways to keep things interesting in the bedroom (or elsewhere). You never want to get to the point in your love life where things get regular and boring. Spice is not only important in food, but in intimacy as well. 

One of the foundations of stability is having routines. Having routines is great when it comes to knowing that you're in a stable situation or relationship. But on an intimate level, people generally like variety, surprise, and anything that's unexpected (in a good way that is). Sometimes being unpredictable can be exciting. 

There are many ways that people can keep things spicy in the bedroom. I'm going to list a few examples, but keep in mind that just like when you cook, you may add some new spices, and it will either taste way better and amazing or it could totally kill your palate. Intimacy is the same way when you try out new spices, tricks, and tips. Everyone likes what they like, some people are set in stone in their ways, and others are more open-minded in trying new things. The only way to know if something will be appealing to your partner is to communicate your thoughts, desires, and to try it out. 

Spice doesn't always need to be added, because sometimes the power of your love for a person will be so strong. At times, you might even prefer to enjoy your love for one another on a simple level, where it's completely pure feeling, simplistic, and where you're both completely, and utterly feeding off of each other's energy and love for each other. At times like that, I'd say less is more, and no spice is better. That's like built in spice.

Some people are more open-minded than others when it comes to doing things that they've never tried before. Something to remember and to tell your possibly stubborn partner when they're on the more conservative and closed-minded side is that anything you both do together is based on your love for one another, and on your strong foundation. NOTHING is bad, if it doesn't make you or your partner feel bad, or hurt anyone else. 

Here's the list:

1. Sexy lingerie: Find out what your partner likes. If your partner refuses to verbalize his/her preferences, then you should try everything, and anything, until it will be obvious to you what he/she prefers. Change up the colors, styles, and fabrics of your undergarments and sleep attire. For women, try feminine and demure, pure and innocent, naughty and hot, and seduce the heck out of him. For men, try everything from briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, sexy robes, to just a pair of socks and a tie. What? I'm getting creative here! Remember, every guy and girl are different and each person will be more attracted to a different look, so keep that in mind. Never assume that you know what your partner likes, until they've specified.

2. Role playing: This will get way too kinky for Blogspot if I start busting out into fine detail of how couples should role play, so I'll just say this... Keep it interesting. NOTHING should be said in the bedroom that will cause pain or distress to your partner. Having said that, anything goes when it comes to bedroom talk, and role playing in my opinion. For shy people, ease into the sexy mexy talk.

3. Anywhere but the bed: Be spontaneous in where you devour your partner. The bed will bore anyone if that's your sole destination for love making. Spice it up and head for another room. See what happens. Yes, I realize that the title of this article says "in the bedroom," but I felt the need to keep it real.

4. Be spontaneous: Predictable sex will never be as good as unpredictable sex. This goes for any type of intimacy as well. Being spontaneous is everything when it comes to hot, passion, devouring, firey intimacy, and love making. Whatever you do, remember to keep "routine" out the bedroom. 

5. Foreplay or no foreplay (that is the question): Foreplay is not always necessary, but you should switch it up, and have foreplay some of the time (be unpredictable). Sometimes, just going for the goal is desired and acceptable. Sometimes a woman or a man would prefer the closeness of actual intercourse and love making, over all of the kinky pre-show routine.