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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Citations and Local Marketing

The Following is a guest post by Jeffrey Branover:

There are over 300 qualified website directories (that I know of) including various social media websites that offer a place to put your Business Name, Your Local Phone Number, Your Business Address, and a URL for Your Website. When you place your basic business information and a description of what you do, and spread that across all the directory sites that’s relevant to your business, you are doing local marketing and utilizing the strength of citations. Clean citations have the power to help increase Google traffic to your site among their local directory listing. Google’s primary goal as a search engine is to provide the most relevant user experience.

It’s imperative that your name of business, your phone number, business address, and website all match up accordingly. There are a few systems out there that automate your Suite or Hashtag to a Ste. That’s usually something beyond our control, but in the case of citations, it’s okay to have a little OCD and verify that all of the citations are matching correctly. You’re also able to add a unique description about your services. I find it important for directory web pages to have as much relevant and unique content about your services. This content gets spidered and all of the leading search engines factor in the unique and relevant content pointing back to your website.

Unique content is great for back linking and editorial write-ups to help boost your SEO to the next level. Writing unique content for your business may be time consuming, so it’s important to calendar yourself in to write relevant content that will better serve your readers and customers. Bad content may get you flagged, and good content will reward you. Good content may increase your ranking among the various SEO metric systems.

Citations and back linking may be time consuming, and let’s face it, if you’re not a professional SEO, who has the time, energy, and passion to do this every day. Many folks have utilized automated systems to help boost their SEO, but it’s not practical to keep track and verify how the automated systems distribute your information among all of the many digital platforms. It’s vital to manually submit and verify your links and information so there won’t have to be an SEO clean up down the road. Effective back linking and SEO will help increase your traffic, leads, and sales to your site. Stay tuned for more to come in this SEO series. Thanks for reading.