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Monday, October 5, 2015

Increase Google Traffic to Your Site

The following is a guest post by Jeffrey Branover:

Increase Google Traffic

SEO services stands for search engine optimization. Google is a leader in the search engine service industry, and offers a great resource for anyone that’s looking to find something on the Internet. Google’s mission is to provide the most relevant user experience for anyone using the Google search bar. Research students, data analysts, consumers, and teachers all use the Google bar.

Part 1: SEO Services and Increasing Traffic to Your Website

The Big Question Is – How Do I Increase Google Traffic To My Site?

Understanding the principles of SEO and applying the most effective methods will definitely increase your ranking and visibility. The first thing to consider before applying SEO Services to your website are the keywords and keyword phrases that you want to use. It’s important to optimize your content, pictures, infographics, and videos to your keywords. After you've picked the most important keywords that you want to use for your site, it’s time to optimize your site and its web pages.

Let me use an example for a general business (rather than a local business) such as SEO Services. SEO services is digital marketing and doesn’t require a local presence for its services to be effective. SEO Services helps businesses increase Google traffic by optimizing the services that they offer. On one end, an SEO Service will consult on the most effective SEO products a client should use for web development or local marketing. On the other end of the service, an SEO Service also provides support and development on their website, content, and images.

1. SEO Products: There are many great tools and services for local businesses and SEO analysts to use to better understand their competition. Data is becoming more important in understanding your industry’s landscape and competitive edge. With Data, you’ll be able to streamline a more tailored marketing strategy to help boost your rankings for the keywords you want to rank for. Utilizing a metric system for keywords has granted many digital marketing analysts a broader perspective on the competition.

2. On-site Optimization: Utilizing a landing page that guides your web visitor through your web page allows for a more successful conversion. Personal experience has showed me that a description of your services does not have the same ROI (or conversion to a phone inquiry) than a proper landing page. There are many components to a well-functioning landing page. The content has to be relevant, the images have to be optimized, and the structure of the page has to entice the viewer to inquire for more information. On-site search engine optimization is indeed formulaic, but it should also make sense. The purpose of your content is for your viewers, not the bots.

That’s it for now. I’ll continue to post on this series about SEO Services and increasing traffic, sales, and leads to your site. I hope you enjoyed today’s article about increasing your Google traffic. Stay tuned for the next one.