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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Increase Your Traffic, Leads, and Sales

The following is a guest post by Jeffrey Branover:

The idea of trying to get more traffic, leads, and sales for your product or service is exciting. Even if you run a small Los Angeles based marketing website for lead generation and SEO Services, it’s imperative to follow key guidelines for maximum results. For more than 3 years, the digital marketing landscape has changed, and it’s more vital than ever to distribute more unique and relevant content. You should invest more in you (and your business) than in other systems or strategies.

Let me explain my process. By investing in yourself, you’re aligning your goals and objectives to your natural born abilities. After all, we live in a meritocracy, where everyone has their own unique set of skills and abilities that can outshine others. No two people are exactly alike, and therefore, no two SEO strategies are exactly alike. I know many folks would argue that statement and believe that patterning successful SEO strategy is ideal. However, the first site still beats you to the punch and the search engines know!

SEO is relevant and assessed to provide the most relevant experience to the person searching the web. There are keywords that are more competitive than others and require a little more brain power and creative insight to break through the rankings. Maybe the breakthrough will come through social media, a local website directory, or the old fashioned referral, which may persuade the customer to search for your business on Google, and click on your link from their own unique IP address, thus giving you credit. Someone organically searched for you and found you. It’s a combination of sorts.  

Increase Your Traffic

Be yourself and be relevant. Let’s say that you’re a small flower shop and want to increase your sales every week, but don’t know how. That’s a common inquiry I receive. Let’s face it, you sell beautiful flowers, but no one knows that you exist, and that you’re more affordable than your competitors. We live in a busy time more than ever, and most folks are attached to their social media and smartphones. A lot of people stopped physically searching for local businesses and invest more of their time in the digital world. Because of this new phenomena, it’s vital to have a website with many categories on the different services you offer and provide. Each webpage should be on-site search engine optimized and linked to local business directories.

Having a digital footprint that’s within reach in your local community will provide more information about where your storefront is located and what type of services you offer. For example, if you’re located in Westwood, California and someone in Westwood searches for “flower shops near my location,” and if your website is locally optimized, your business will appear for their search inquiry. As you see, SEO has changed and requires more attention to detail. It’s more unique, more relevant, and more competitive than ever. Optimizing your site will in effect, increase your traffic, leads, and sales.