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Saturday, May 14, 2016

When Hope Inspires

The word Hope has great meaning. Giving hope to another at times can be the biggest gift that mankind can give. You never know what others are going through in life on a deep and personal level at times, and when you give them hope despite not knowing the extent of what they go through, it can be what inspires them to continue towards their goal, and on their journey. 

At times, hope is what gives people that extra push that they need to go forward in life, and towards what they hope to achieve. This even goes for people in need, less fortunate, or sick. Giving someone hope is the ultimate and best form of light and enlightenment. It's one of human nature's most selfless acts. It's giving words of wisdom, words of patience, and words of strength to another that can help them to take one more step. That one more step that a person could take with just an ounce of hope that they might need could lead them to great happiness, health, and success. 

It's important to live life in which you exude kindness, and selflessness for the mere sake of being kind and selfless, without having any ulterior motive or expectation because of your kind deed. When doing an act of kindness such as giving hope to another, it's important to do so out of the deepest and most pure place in your soul, and asking nothing in return. 

In life we all go through struggles, hard times, and challenging situations, and we could all use a little hope at some time or another. It's important to remember that, and to listen to others when they try to give you hope and inspire you to keep going, to take another step, to breathe another breath, and to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be in life. Give hope to those when you can, and embrace it and accept it when others give it to you. There's no shame in other people giving you advice or words of wisdom. Accept them with grace and appreciation. Advice is merely another act of love, just like hope.

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