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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Only One Fighting

The same way that a person can't fight alone in situations, in life, and in relationships, one can't be the only one fighting to make a relationship work or happen. Despite the situation, and despite the amount of effort and love, if one person is trying to make something work for the couple as a whole, it isn't going to be enough. Both people need to put out effort in relationships. Both people need to express their love, not just with words, but through their actions. One of the greatest ways in expressing one's love is by appreciating them, and at times fighting for them.

When I talk about fighting for another person, I'm not referring to physical violence, nor do I like or want to promote that as a true expression of a way of showing one's love for another. More so, I'm referring to proving one's love by standing by their side, sticking up for them, and having their back. Many times, couples get to a point where one of the people in the relationship needs to prove their love to the other. Sometimes relationships are rocky and become difficult early on or at any point really, and it's imperative that the couple proves their love and dedication to each other. It could be that one person must prove their love to the other, because the other person had already proved their love earlier on, and throughout the relationship. In situations like that, eventually the person must prove their love to the other person as well. 

You have to fight for each other. There shouldn't be one person that's willing to do all of the hard work, put in all of the effort, while the other person sits back, and does nothing. Both people need to fight, and fight hard, and prove how much they love one another, at least enough, so that they'll both feel loved and appreciated. Whether it's to show the person that we love and care for them or if it's come to a point where the relationship needs work, and it has to be fought for. Again, it takes two people that are both willing to put up a fight in order for something to work. 

It takes patience, understanding, and sensitivity at times, when it comes to putting genuine effort into relationships, and in proving one's love. You can't expect that things in life will always be easy. It's true what they say, that good things are worth fighting for. As well, it's true what Dennis Prager says, "Nothing good comes in life without a lot of pain." I completely agree. It takes hard work now for good things to happen later. One of my favourite sayings that I tend to use somewhat frequently is, "short term darkness, long term light." I wrote more on this in a previous article, "A Heart Made of Stone."

Sometimes there are situations where two people may love each other so intense and passionately, but something keeps them from going forward together. At times, outside forces may even drive couples apart or cause them to argue and fight. Whether it's because of their families, their friends, or possibly from any one of their own personal fears of what awaits them in their unknown future, they end up in a standstill. They don't go this way or that way, they're just in-between, and unsure of which direction to take. When couples experience something so dreadful as this, it can bring about discomfort, pain, turbulence, and instability for the couple. Being in an in-between stage is never fun for anyone. When you're in that place for too long without making a decision, it can be truly heart wrenching and create misery for both people. In situations like such, there's no way out, and you need to make a decision, and soon, because frankly, life is too short to be indecisive.

Sometimes outside forces contribute to the delay of a couple moving forward and into a serious commitment such as marriage. However, there are times when one of the two people in a relationship has certain fears in moving forward with the other, as I'd just mentioned above. When one person has certain fears and it puts a halt in the couple going forward together, this needs to be addressed in the same manner that any outside force would need to be addressed, immediately, and without much delay. Many times, it's situations like these examples I've given, where one needs to either step up, and prove their love to their partner, or peace out. 

I want to end on this final note, feeling the need to express my feelings about fighting for one another. When you love someone, and I mean truly love them, you will fight for them. They will not only be worth the fight and the possible hardship to you, but you will be fumed and vengeant to anyone or anything that will stand in your way of being with your one true love. When you know who you want to spend the rest of your life with, who you imagine happily growing old with, and who you see fit as the other parent to your unborn children, you will fight for them if and when needed. On that note, know that if someone doesn't or isn't willing to fight for you, and claim what he or she wants to be theirs, it says a lot. It not only proves that you're not worth the fight to them, or even that they're too much of a coward to take a stand and have your back, but perhaps they don't see you as the person that they hope to spend the rest of their life with. In situations like that, you must leave, let go completely, but stay hopeful, and know that your true love still awaits you, and is likely somewhere hoping to find you too.

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