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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday Night Blues, or Not

Do you ever choose to be alone, instead of going out on another first date? Do you enjoy your own company? Here's how I look at it. If you don't love your own company, who will! I decided to go out to my regular place this Saturday night. The only difference from this Saturday night and others was that I decided to go out alone, instead of suggesting another first date take me to my special place. I bet you'd like to know where my little hidden cave is! Well, we won't get into that in this article. The point is that I chose to be alone, rather than with anyone else. I chose this, because I needed a break from dating. Even if it's a mere night or two, sometimes singles need a break from the dating scene. There's nothing wrong with that. It's imperative even, that singles get an adequate amount of self love, before getting love from others.

Many times people get to the point where they need a break from "the scene." I suppose I've been at "that point" for quite some time. Not fully, of course, but nonetheless, I've been there. I've become pickier in accepting first dates. There's a whole protocol now! Seriously though, sometimes a girl's gotta take a night out for herself or just with the girls. Well, I chose me tonight over "the girls." I needed "me time" more than social time. Actually, I didn't even fully "go out" tonight. I went out, to get take out. I had a glass of amazing Donati... mmm, I can still smell the delightful aroma. I sipped on my wine, while sporting my finest attire, as I awaited my appetizers to be served, and took them to go. Did I mention that I was wearing sweats! The point is, it's okay not to go out on dates sometimes, just to recoup at least, and gather yourself from all of those bad dates, or dates that simply didn't add up to much. It's important to be in the right state of mind when you date, and you should only and always date with an open heart and an open mind.

Whoever made the rule up that being alone on a Saturday night was bad, was a dimwit. You shouldn't be with anyone, because you "need" to be with them. You should be with them, because you "want" to be with them. Being with someone else should never be a necessity, but a desire, and a pleasure. You should learn to enjoy your own company and become your own best friend. If you don't feel this way, it's about time that you change your thinking methods. No one should ever be dependent on being with someone else in order to gain more self-worth, security, or happiness. It's important that we all learn to be happy and fulfilled in ourselves, before finding our other half. 

Remember, there's nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. If anything, it's a great way to meet people, be social, and surprisingly enough, even more so than when you're out with your friends. At times, when you don't set out to meet people, that's when you meet people the most. The main point here is that you have to do what makes you happy, not for others, but for yourself. While in the dating scene, it's important not to forget about you, and if you desire a little alone time, and time to rejuvenate, you should give that to yourself, without feeling like you have to go out every Saturday night, giving your time to others. Sometimes that alone time is all you need to come back completely refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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