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Monday, September 14, 2015

10 Things to Make the Honeymoon Last Forever

When you're dating, in a relationship, or married, there's a honeymoon stage where everything feels like bliss, butterflies, and roses. I truly believe that it's possible to keep that feeling throughout your lives together if you put in the effort. You can't expect never to argue or disagree on things when you're with another person. Disagreements happen and they can even turn into really bad fights at times. Having said that, when you follow these guidelines I'm about to list, the fight or fights shouldn't last for too long, and you should be able to get right back into that state of bliss that you hope to maintain throughout your lives together. 

The list:

1. Date night: 

You should make a date night one night out of every week. It should be on the same day that you're both available or you should work out an arrangement, but it's very important to have a date night and to make time for romance. Having a date night makes it so that you can keep the fire and magic alive. You should definitely make having a date night and an important part of your relationship or marriage. It's important to take a moment out of your day or week to shed some love and romance into your relationship or back into your relationship at times when it's lacking. Having a date night every week keeps you in check and reminds you that the romance is still alive. 

2. Amazing affection: 

Affection has many levels to it from the warmth of your embrace, to kiss with all of your heart, to holding hands, and of course, to sexual intimacy. It's important that both partners be equally satisfied in all areas of affection. When one area of affection is lacking, one or both people in the relationship or marriage will be affected and unhappy. One of the biggest reasons for unhappiness in relationships and marriages is when people aren't satisfied with the affection that they're getting from their partner. When they're not satisfied in that way, it comes out in other areas of the relationship either consciously or subconsciously. The best advice I could say would be that both partners should always concentrate on giving.

3. Trust: 

Having trust with your partner is everything. Being honest and open book with your partner is imperative in having a healthy relationship and marriage. Being trustworthy and trusting are two things that go hand-in-hand. You should always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. It doesn't matter what people around you will ever say, because other people are not your partner, not your best friend, might have ulterior motives, might be a secret "hater," and might not have your best interest in mind. Always go to the source, which is your partner, and it's always okay to ask your partner if what you heard or think is correct or just a bunch of bologna. Your partner should be close enough to you that they don't mind when you ask them questions. If you're in a stage where you're still asking certain questions to your partner and they don't feel like you trust them, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's important to realize that trust needs time to grow and it will over time. The more open book you are, and the more willing you are to explain things to your partner when they have questions, the better your trust will be together later on. It's important to remember not to get offended when your partner questions any of your actions, but simply try to explain yourself to your partner in a loving manner, and hopefully it will build their trust with you. Trust is built from having an open book and a completely honest relationship. 

4. Be best friends: 

It's important to know that you can always go to each other in a time of need and desire. Your partner in your relationship or marriage should be the first person that you go to, to tell a secret or share something with. It's important to have other friends as well, but being in a relationship or married to your best friend can be the best thing that you could ever do. There's no one that you will trust like your best friend and there's no one that you'd rather spend your free time with. Best friends laugh together, act silly together, and have amazing chemistry that can make the hard times that you have, not as bad. Best friends have a hard time staying mad at each other, because of how much love there is and how much there is to lose. 

5. Live every day like it's your last: 

Never take your partner for granted, not even for a single day. Acknowledge that you've found the love of your life and remember to embrace each moment that you have with them. Live in the moment and express your love to your partner with words and affections. Life is too short not to let people know how much they mean to you while you have them. 

6. Appreciate what you have: 

Always concentrate on the things that you have, as opposed to the things that you don't. When you concentrate on the things that your relationship is lacking or that you wish you had, you'll never feel truly happy or satisfied with your life or accomplishments. You should concentrate on all of the positive things in your life and on all of the blessings that you have and you'll be a much happier person and you'll keep the fire alive. 

7. Compromise: 

Learn to use a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the thing that you want or need the least and 10 being the thing that you must have and that's very important to you. Using this "importance scale" is helpful in many ways and can be very useful in relationships. Try to be flexible and always concentrate on giving, rather than taking and receiving. When both people concentrate on giving, all of the giving will reciprocate, and both partners will end up satisfied. 

8. Pick and choose your battles: 

Don't fight and argue over all of the little things. Neither person in a relationship needs to win every argument. It's not about winning an argument and it's okay to be wrong sometimes. Having peace and love in the home is the most important thing. Don't make everything a big deal. It's important to try and maintain an "at ease" type of mood where the little things don't get you angry or to the point of no return.

9. Don't go to bed angry: 

Go to bed with peace, a pleasant mood, and love in your hearts. Never stay mad for too long and never go to bed angry. Always kiss each other goodnight, even when you've had a rocky day together. It's always okay to let your feet touch in bed to let each other know that you still care and love each other. If there's no resolution to your disagreement and it's getting late, acknowledge that it's getting late and that this is something that still needs to be discussed, and once you're both well rested, you can continue the discussion the next day. Even when you're angry with each other, try and kiss each other good night. Remember to "live every day like it's your last" (see above).

10. Nip things in the bud: 

It's never a good thing to let things that are upsetting you build up. The last thing that you want in your relationship is to endure an explosive argument. When something is bothering you or if you question something in your relationship, no matter what it is, nip it in the bud, and confront your partner. Remember not to attack your partner with accusations, but merely bring up what's bothering you in a peaceful, loving manner, and with poise. Never get quiet and hold in your feelings when you're upset. Let your partner know what's bothering you before it builds up into something more. If you start to get quiet and implode your feelings, it will come out in other areas in your relationship consciously or subconsciously, and that's the last thing that you want, and it will result in even more misery.

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