Sunday, April 17, 2016

Expectations: Are We Asking for Too Much?

The dating scene can be one hell of a ride for many. These days, many people have endless lists of things that they want to find in a partner. I'm not talking about having around five things or so that their partner must have. I'm more so talking about people that have endless lists of must haves. Frankly, no one can match up to their lengthy requirements. I always write about how it's important to find someone that's not necessarily a good catch, but a good match. Narrowing that statement down, it's important to find the best possible match for you. 

Being that many people are hoping to find everything that they want in one person, I felt that it would be helpful to shed some light onto their hopeless, and nearly impossible way of thinking. Everyone should have a must have list and a should have list. You might be surprised if you haven't been on the market to date for some time. But, there are so many people that have insanely long lists of expectations of what they're looking for in a partner, and it's beyond unreasonable. It's as if their lists of what they want in a match are all must haves

The only way to find true love and your best possible match is to go about dating the right way. The people that feel that they're entitled to so much in life, and deserve to have an endless list of must haves, need to get off their high horse, and come back down to reality. Everyone should have a few things that are important for them to have in their partner. However, it's important not to get carried away and have unrealistic expectations or endless lists of qualities and attributes of things that they're looking for. It's important to be reasonable when looking for a partner, and to be picky. Yes, picky is good, but within reason. 

For me, I've written many articles about being too picky, and how that's even good. But then again, I'm far from feeling all deserving, despite knowing my worth, and I still believe in having a must have list, and a should have list. In case you're wondering if I've written my list down, I haven't. Having said that, it's important to get an idea in your mind about what's most important for you to find in a match, and then look for those things first. When those few things are present in a person, and they feel that you have certain qualities that work for them as well, that situation has potential. Any situation with potential should be given a chance. 

Remember, no one is perfect, and endless lists of things you desire in a partner are beyond ludicrous, unreasonable, and you might even come across as arrogant to those around you. Of course, you shouldn't really care too much about what others around you think. But, just know this... No one will want to date someone who has high and unrealistic expectations of finding perfection in a partner. Knowing your self-worth, and knowing what you want in a partner is imperative. But, when you're searching for a partner, it's important to remain humble, kind, and to give situations a chance that seem promising. Arrogance and over-the-top, high expectations in what you're searching for will likely not get you far in finding your match.