Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Farewell to Legend Kobe Bryant

The time has come where legend Kobe Bryant is going to retire. To utter those words out of my mouth is honestly somewhat of a challenge. On a personal level, I've been trying to come to terms with the fact that Kobe is actually leaving. For some reason, I've been living in denial for the past few months, since I first heard that he was thinking of retiring. Kobe has had a way of talking the talk, but not putting it into action. When I say this, I obviously mean in regards to everything but playing the game. Many times, whether Kobe Bryant was truly sick and feeling under the weather or not, the world would know about it. We'd all expect him to have a bad game that day. When game time came, Kobe not only didn't play less than, he would play as if that supposed sickness was actually a superpower, and he would dominate the court like nothing anyone had ever seen. 

I suppose when I heard that he was retiring, on some level I felt as if he was just reeling us all in for the excitement of hearing that he would actually play another year or so. Unfortunately, the day has come where I must come to terms with the fact that legend and superstar athlete Kobe Bryant is retiring his jersey. Many people feel that Kobe Bryant is the best player that the NBA has ever seen. There are many Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan fans that would highly disagree, but Kobe was my personal favourite. 

Kobe was perhaps the only alpha male that I have and will ever admire. Kobe Bryant had motivation and drive like no other. He worked hard at his game and never took a loss as a way of giving up. He put on his A-game every single day, and even throughout every practice. Kobe played whenever he was sick, feeling under the weather, and through multiple, and many upon many injuries. Kobe Bryant was a rare breed in the NBA. His legacy will inspire many people for thousands of years to come. Tonight is Kobe Bryant's last game. The Lakers will be playing against the Utah Jazz. It's going to be one hell of a game, despite how this season has gone so far. Tonight will be unforgettable to Kobe, his fans, and to me. Counting down the hours til game time. Let's go Lakers!