Tuesday, April 12, 2016

14 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man

1. Sensitivity, Understanding, and Compassion

A woman wants someone that will be sensitive to her feelings. Someone that will listen to and respect her opinions, despite whether or not he agrees. Women love when a man is compassionate to those in need, and to those that are less fortunate.

2. Intelligence, Without Arrogance

Women want someone who they can grow with. They want someone that they can continuously learn from and with. Nothing is as sexy to a woman as intelligence. Having said that, nothing is uglier or more repulsive to a woman than an arrogant man. A good woman views arrogance as one of the ugliest traits, and won't stand for it. A healthy woman wants to learn new things from her partner, without him putting her down or making her feel bad for the lack of knowledge. He's intelligent on many levels, including emotionally intelligent.

3. Whole and Happy

A woman wants a man that's whole and content with his own life before dating her. The same way that she needs to be a whole person, and be happy with her life, she wants the same in her man. This is something that a healthy woman desires in her man. A woman doesn't want her man to feel as if anything is truly lacking in his life in which provokes misery, except for his hopes in finding his partner in life.

4. Security and Stability

From financial security, stability, and independence to knowing that her partner isn't going to leave or break up at the drop of a dime, it all boils down to stability. Every woman wants to know that they're in a stable relationship, where both people are willing to work on any issues that may arise. She wants to know that her man is in it for the long term, despite any bumps in the road.

5. Excitement and Surprise

Anything boring, dull, and routine won't work for a woman that's really into you. When a woman is not truly into you for the right reasons, she'll likely be okay with all of the above. However, when she wholeheartedly loves and adores you, she's going to want spontaneity, excitement, and variety (with you, but yes, she wants variety). Obviously, many people will have a dirty mind and think Anne means variety in the bedroom, but when I say variety, I'm referring to everything from what you do together, where you go, how you dress, and yes, everything in the bedroom too. The only time a woman is going to want routine is when it comes to stability (see number 4).

6. Chemistry and Romance

The longer that you're in a situation with someone, the more effort that should be put into it. Many times people show less effort and less enthusiasm the longer that they're together. However, that's the wrong way to go about having and maintaining a successful, happy, and healthy relationship. Chemistry is something that two people naturally feel or they don't. If the chemistry was once there and you're still together, you can fire up that chemistry like a fajita plate anytime that you want. A woman wants to know that her man still feels passion and desire for her, and more so, the longer that they're together. It's important to remember to put effort towards keeping the fire alive in relationships, and romance plays a big role. A woman loves it when a man does things for her "just because."

 7. He Views Her as a Priority and Appreciates Her

She wants to feel and know that she's a priority to him, just as much as he is to her. A woman doesn't want to be put last, or feel as though she's unappreciated or taken for granted. If anything, she wants to know that she's an important part of his life. She wants a man that appreciates her and knows her worth. He shows her by his words and actions. He never takes her for granted.

8. Sense of Humour

A woman usually isn't looking to be with a comedian, but I'm not referring to the job itself. There's nothing wrong with dating a comedian by any means. However, every woman wants a man that she can laugh with. He doesn't have to be the life of the party or tell the best jokes, but he gets her, and she gets him. They smile together, laugh at silly things, and are both able to laugh at things at even the oddest of moments.

9. Effort

A woman loves it when a man puts effort into things. From occasionally making reservations, writing her cards or love notes, to picking her up for dinner or showing signs of chivalry. Most healthy women that are spiritually enlightened, and in a place where they're sure of themselves want to be treated like a lady by her man. A healthy woman appreciates chivalry. Effort has no price. A woman loves it when a man goes out of his way to please her, and she should appreciate him for it.

10. He Gives and Receives

He's selfless. He loves to give, and enjoys pleasing his woman. He doesn't view it as a chore. He receives love without pushing her away on a regular basis. He cares about the balance of give-and-take, and that's very important to her. Just as much as she's pleased by her man in every way, she wants to give back the love. He accepts her love graciously on every level.

11. She's Unforgettable

He remembers special occasions. He does so out of the purest, and most loving place in his heart. This makes a woman feel loved to a tremendous extent. Whether she admits it or not, every woman wants to know that her man is sentimental, and remembers certain dates, and moments that are special to them. Sure, everyone forgets things once in awhile. However, a woman loves when her man remembers.

12. He's Protective and Proud

When it comes to a man being protective of his woman, a woman thrives on it. In her eyes, it's a way of expressing great love and strength. It makes her feel appreciated and adored. She wants to know that her man is protective of her. Not so much in an aggressive way where he needs to prove things to anyone. But, when push comes to shove, he's got her back, and will do anything and everything to keep her from harm's way. This doesn't mean that she wants her man to be jealous or get into arguments or fights with people in order to prove anything. A healthy woman doesn't thrive on that nor appreciate it. This merely means that she wants to feel protected, loved, and adored by her man. As well, she wants him to feel proud of her in every way. She wants to know that he's not hiding her from anyone for any reason.

13. Affection and Closeness

When a woman truly loves a man, she's attracted to him. That attraction can be initially started based on intelligence, sex appeal, friendship, compatibility, on an intimate level or anything else. The bottom line is that when a woman and a man are attracted to each other, affection plays a big role on the couple's happiness. A woman wants her man to hold her hand, rub her shoulders, her feet, or take her arm while walking down the street. 

Human touch and affection is everything to people in general. But, a woman is soft and gentle by nature. She wants and desires affection from her man, and not just when he's trying to lead her towards the bedroom to become intimate. Many times a woman simply wants closeness through affection. It's not always sexual in her eyes or with the intention of intimacy. Many times it's the feeling of warmth, closeness, and affection.

14. He Loves and Accepts Her

A woman knows that when a man truly loves her, he will love her in her natural state, as well as when she's dressed up, fabulous, and pristine. A woman loves it when a man lets her be herself. A man may have an opinion on what he prefers his woman to do as far as how she dresses, the makeup she wears, or how stylish she might be. However, a man that truly loves his woman will love her with no makeup, wearing sweats, sporting imperfect hair, and even when she just wakes up in the morning. A man loves it when a woman gets all dolled up and puts effort into the way she looks. But, a man in love will many times love the way his woman looks even more when she's all natural and undone. 

A woman doesn't want a man that will try to change her in any way. At least, not when it comes to her looks or appearance. She wants him to accept her as is. This makes a woman feel loved. Having said that, I still personally believe that a woman should always try to look her best, even when she has little to no fashion sense or prefers to wear little to no makeup. She should still carry herself with confidence, shoulders back, chin up, and a bright, big smile.