Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Most Important 8 Things to Look for in a Match

Many times people have unrealistic expectations for what they look for in a partner. I mean, seriously, some of the lists of things that people look for in another person are ridiculous, and the lists seem never ending. Some people are looking to find everything in another person, and by everything, I mean literally everything, as in a perfect person! When their unrealistic expectations aren't met, and every quality isn't there, many people won't even bother giving things a chance. 

This type of action is toxic, and leaving many people single for much longer than they should be. It's time to wake up, and come to the realization that there are no perfect people, and no perfect situations so stop looking for it! Perfect doesn't exist, and neither does almost perfect. What does exist are reasonable expectations, desires, and perhaps a shorter, and more logical list of what people want and need in a partner.

What's most important to you?

Let's be realistic for a moment. I think that we can all come up with 8 things that we all feel are most important to us. Why 8 things you ask? Well, I had a conversation with my best friend the other night, and we were discussing his idea of what 5 things I'd want in a partner. Well, I just couldn't do it with 5. I mean, don't get me wrong, because I'm not insanely too picky (I don't think). Yes, I'm chuckling over here, but seriously. I think I could answer that question better with 8 things. Anything less than 8, and I'd feel as though I'd be settling, and I strongly believe in never settling for anything less than what you want.

We all have to decide what's most important to us when looking for a partner. It's one thing to prefer this or that, but we're talking about essentials and must haves here, so limit your list to only 8 things. These 8 things must be things that you can't do without. Things that you cannot be with a person if they aren't present. Whether it's chemistry, passion, beauty, religion, financial stability, a person's particular job, body type, height, being family oriented, or anything else that might be on your must have/must be list. 

This is your list, so you are the only person that truly needs to know about your list, because you will be the one to make big decisions in your life. Don't worry about sharing your list with others, unless you don't fear their judgement. You have to do what makes you happy. Keep in mind that when you come up with your list, you should be willing to accept anything and everything that's not on your list, when the 8 things are all present. Don't be wishy-washy and change your list when it's convenient.