Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SEO Etiquette 2016

SEO in 2016 is a combination of a few things. Some of which are not what you may actually think. You need to develop friendships with other bloggers, maintain good manners, be giving, grateful, and SEOing the heck out of your blog! Well actually, you never want to overdo it. Moderation is the key with everything, but damn, SEO is addicting! Everyone seems to have their own method of what they feel works and what doesn't when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. You can even hire an SEO Specialist professional, and yet disagree with some of his/her methods on how to get better visibility, rank better, and improve your blog/website. Having said that, sometimes it's important to listen to what your SEO guy tells you, but you should also do your own research as well. After all, two minds are better than one. 

When it comes to SEO etiquette, it can be a make it or break it for relationships that you're building with others. When it comes to blogging, many times bloggers will join blogging groups throughout social media so that they can ask questions, get advice, follow other blogs, and to basically acquire a good support system. There's a great benefit to bloggers developing friendships with other bloggers. When a blogger starts out, they usually need a support system, and people that will be there for them, give them advice, and even share their blogs throughout social media. As many of us are aware, one of the greatest ways of improving one's ranking is to have your posts shared throughout social media platforms. In other words, being genuine is everything, but hey, blogging with benefits doesn't hurt one bit. 

SEO can be tricky as we all know. Despite how many different methods there are for doing SEO, sometimes bloggers become selfish. There's a certain type of karma that bites people in the ass when they act selfishly. As I've mentioned previously, there are many types of groups that are designed to help bloggers promote their blogs, and develop relationships with others that can relate. At times, those relationships become one-sided. I've personally known a couple of selfless bloggers, and I can honestly say that they leave their mark, and it resonates. They give to other bloggers, by usually asking nothing of them in return. It's incredible how some bloggers can be this way, while others leave you hanging so to speak.

Etiquette is everything in life, and as well when it comes to blogging. Social media is a big deal now in 2016, and it's important that whether or not you're active on it, it's important to remember your pleases, thank yous, appreciation, and to reciprocate any love that others show you, and that includes reciprocating the love that a fellow blogger gives. There are endless threads in blogging groups that say things like, "Read my latest post and leave me a comment, and I'll do the same." Meanwhile, selfish bloggers leave their links and run, without even acknowledging the person's post or request. It's important to remember your etiquette, and converse with another blogger's request, and help each other grow. 

Getting to the top of Google with your blog is what every blogger wants. As is getting a great page ranking. Kindness, being giving, selfless, showing gratitude, and being loving are all essential for SEO, for developing friendships, and for networking with others in the world. When people comment on your posts, whether directly onto your blog, or throughout other social media platforms, it's important to try and acknowledge them whenever possible. Remember, SEO is just SEO without building a following, and that includes having and maintaining healthy, and strong relationships with other bloggers.