Monday, July 18, 2016

6 Things to Know About Search Engine Optimization

By Jeffrey Branover 
SEO Services Consultant
Los Angeles, California

Prospective clients often ask an SEO expert about tools and strategies to drive in more traffic to their website. They’re curious to know how SEO Services works and ‘what are the different strategies one can incorporate for effective results?’, and ‘how long will 1st page rankings last?’ I’ve compiled 6 things about SEO Services that can benefit readers in learning more about online marketing so prospective clients can learn more about search engine marketing. SEO is an online marketing strategy/plan to help local businesses maximize their exposure and visibility on search engines (such as Google, Youtube, Bing, and Yahoo). SEO is currently used as part of a digital marketing campaign for visibility for important keywords/phrases that are relevant to one’s business. 

1. Search Engine Optimization is commonly referred to as SEO Services. While it’s true that a beautiful and well designed website will get quality recognition and a positive response from people, SEO Services increases online visibility to your target audience on an exponential level. Quality Search Engine Optimization ranks your website for relevant and competitive keywords that's appropriate and important for your business. An SEO strategy may be designed for particular web pages, and/or for the totality of the website. It’s assumed that about 50 percent of websites that have a physical storefront will need SEO to increase their visibility, traffic, sales, and recognition. Of the local businesses, most will try to do SEO themselves or hire a consultant to rank their site for keywords/phrases their consumers are searching for.

2. SEO is also commonly referred to as online website marketing and digital marketing. That is, if one seeks a talented digital marketing expert to drive in relevant traffic to their site, they’re most likely going to consult with an SEO company. However, just because SEO is short for search engine optimization doesn’t mean that an SEO company will not have social media marketing talent to maximize exposure and customer conversion. The impact of various digital channels is profound. These various platforms (if used correctly) can be used to capitalize on an audience that have expressed a lot of interest from users that are consistent on their social media accounts. Of the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat are powerful drivers to attract and convert users to customers (from a business perspective). In more advanced cases, utilizing an AD campaign for Social Media and Search Engine Marketing may (will usually) increase your exposure a lot quicker and with better results than conventional organic SEO. Organic marketing can take about 3-6 months to kick in for rankings (sometimes even longer depending on the competition). Make no mistake, SEO is an effective online strategy and can drive enormous traffic, sales, and consults.

3. While there is no doubt that SEO Services is a great online traffic booster because it gets your website/webpage to the top in Search Engines, the time it takes to rank a website compared to running a sound AdWords campaign may prove to be less effective. Almost always, a business owner wants to see results immediately. Otherwise, he/she may feel that he is wasting his/her money. There are some exclusions to slow rankings such as the website’s age, domain authority, and on-page factors. In some cases, a website may have immediate rankings because of a number of quality factors and just needs excellent backlinks for that extra boost.

4. There are no shortcuts to rank websites. There are a lot of gimmicks and sophisticated automated machines that promise rankings. Prior to buying into such strategies, it’s wise to do your homework and ask a local SEO consultant if it’s a good idea. Many SEO consultants offer free complimentary consultations to earn your trust and business. Quality Search Engine Optimization is a diversified strategy of incorporating white-hat strategies. It’s wise to stay true to the fundamentals of on-page and off-page SEO marketing. Integrating a strategy of fundamentals will most likely ensure your rankings, even after dramatic algorithm updates for long lasting results.

5. The effect of bad rankings is often caused by not following the SEO guidelines. In such cases, poor rankings may be a result of over optimization, no optimization, too many links, or not enough links. SEO is complicated to the newbie, yet simple to the pro. A site’s ranking is determined by how relevant its content is to the person searching on the web. The more quality your content is, the more visibility it will get among searchers. It’s wise to incorporate “HOT” PHRASES (keywords) in the content of your article or webpage to ensure that you’re covering all your corners for exposure. A list of bad strategies includes: duplicate content, too many “of the same” anchor texts, and backlinks from irrelevant sources. 

6. SEO Services can include article submissions, on-page optimization, backlink cleanup (disavow links), and citations. Particularly in new websites, a strategy should include on-page, citations, press releases (which includes article submissions), and blogging. It’s wise for the website to continue to grow and expand by writing new (and compelling) blog articles, and engage on social media channels.

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