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Thursday, March 31, 2016

8 Things That Make a Woman Better in Bed

For the men out there that are looking for a woman that's a virgin, with no experience, or little sexual desire, this article is not for you. To everyone else, men like a woman that knows what she wants, and that goes for in the bedroom as well. Many men look for different things as far as whether or not a woman is aggressive and takes the lead, innocent and demure, or anything else. But there are 8 things that are universally essential for defining a woman as more exciting to a man in the bedroom.

Here's the list:

1. She's confident: 

She's somewhat fearless when it comes to going for what she wants. She's not afraid of rejection, as many women are. She'll take the lead at times that she feels the desire. She's sure of herself, knows her self-worth, and knows what she's willing to do or not do on an intimate level. She's not afraid to tell you what she likes, doesn't like, and what she wants (she might even share her fantasies). 

2. She has a good self-esteem:

She doesn't put herself down, and isn't thinking in the back of her head if she's appealing enough for you. She knows that she's sexy and desirable. She likes and respects herself. She's not ashamed about her looks and appearance. She embracing who she is and how she looks.

3. Great communication:

She'll talk to you inside and out of the bedroom. She's not afraid to talk dirty, get kinky, or say what's on her mind. She'll communicate with you her innermost desires, and even possibly be open to role playing. She's a great listener, and wants you to feel comfortable to communicate your innermost desires as well. She's open-minded, and although she might not be willing to do everything that you want, she's willing to talk about it.

4. She loves you:

Her intimacy with you is based on a solid and strong foundation. She loves you. She feels a connection with you outside of the bedroom, and your intimacy isn't based on things like sex, but only and simply based on the love you share. Whether the sex is kinky, spontaneous, and out of this world great, it's always based on love.

5. She's a giver:

She's not a selfish lover. She gets enjoyment in pleasing you, and you feeling good. She wants you to feel pleasure, just as much, if not more than she wants to experience pleasure. She wants to know what you like, and she'll try her best to fulfill your desires.

6. She lets you give:

She let's you take the lead when you want to. She's not afraid to let down her guard, and embrace your love and passion to please her. She embraces you warmth, touch, and affection.

7. She genuinely enjoys it:

She never fakes it. She's sexual, playful, or at the very least, she enjoys intimacy with you. She's genuinely excited by you, attracted to you, and desires your affection. She's not necessarily experienced in the bedroom (but she might be), but she enjoys exploring, learning, and experiencing intimacy with you.

8. She's spontaneous:

You might be the type that likes a woman to be predictable, but in the bedroom, spontaneity is key. She's spontaneous, and doesn't plan every love making session. She's open to doing exciting things, and enjoys variety. She keeps things interesting, whether it's being open to exploring new things, new positions, role playing perhaps, or even in regards to her appearance. She keeps things spicy in the bedroom, or at least tries to. She's open minded when it comes to what you like, and she will even change up her lingerie in order to please you, and herself.