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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Single over 35: Can I Still Find Love?

This might seem like a no-brainer title or thought even. However, these days dating is harder than ever, and especially when you're living in big cities like Los Angeles. When it comes to finding love and having/maintaining a healthy and happy relationship it can be challenging despite a person's age. You can find love and build a happy life and relationship at any age. In this article, I hope to explain some of the reasons why it's hard, but still possible to find the love of your dreams. This goes for people whether they're in their 30's, 40's 50's or even 60's. 

Finding love is possible, and it's important that we stay positive while dating in the LA scene or anywhere else. Being positive and having an optimistic outlook is imperative when you're hoping to have a successful relationship. It's important to remember that you can't rush someone's process, so if you're looking to date someone that has an entirely different time frame of when things should happen, it will likely cause a lot of issues for you now or even down the line. This is one of the reasons not to date someone that has a big age difference than you. Having said that, this is not always the case.

It's important to remember to compromise in relationships. You should never feel that you have to settle for the wrong person, or second best. However, you must also be aware of the fact that there is no perfect situation and no perfect person. You can't have every single thing that you want in one person, nor should you feel as if you're settling when some things aren't aligned. What you should do however is make sure that all of the things that are most important to you exist for the two of you. In other words, everyone will have good and bad things that you'll like and dislike about them. But, the foundation of a relationship must be strong, built upon honesty, trust, good communication, and wanting the same things in the future.

I don't feel that age should be a factor when two people truly love each other, and have a solid, strong foundation. It's all about how two people communicate, get along, share things, and most of all, how much they love each other. When it comes to having an age difference, it's important to be aware that some issues might come up, depending on the situation. However age difference is not an issue, if you ask me. If you're over the age of 35, it might be harder in some ways to meet the right person, but it will be easier as well. Once men and women reach the age of about 35, they usually tend to at least have an idea of what they're looking for in another person. As well, they usually know what works for them and what doesn't in relationships. 

It's hard to go on endless dates, and get to the point where you not only haven't found what you're looking for, but you almost think it doesn't exist. You shouldn't get down and feel deflated. You're too focused on trying to speed up the process of finding someone sooner, because you're getting older, but that simply doesn't work. Well, it might work, but you also might end up with the wrong person. Be careful not to rush things, and acknowledge all red flags. Everyone and anyone can find the love that they hope to. Maybe it won't be when they think it will be. But, it will happen, and it's important to give yourself a break, and stop focusing on how old you're getting. 

To truly let love happen, you have to be in good spirits, be happy with yourself, and your life. You have to feel this type of peace and happiness before you meet someone. Otherwise, all another person will see in you is a distorted version of you that's desperate to settle down, and they likely won't feel that you're all that into them. They'll probably feel that you just like the idea of having someone. I don't know about you, but that sure wouldn't make me feel special or loved. Be patient, and remember, it's not a race, so embrace your life at any age, and in time, you will find your match.