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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

7 Surprising Things That Men Find Attractive in Women

All men are different. There are a wide variety of things that some men will find attractive in women, while others won't. However, there are some things that might surprise you that men will almost universally find appealing in women. This list should be used as a little reminder to women that might be misled into a fixed false belief that all men want to be with a perfect supermodel. Many men will actually find those imperfections that some women have more attractive and appealing than someone that would seem nearly perfect to most.

1. She Has a Beautiful Smile

A man doesn't care if a woman has big teeth, small teeth, or even a gap between her teeth like Lauren Hutton. As long as she's smiling, appearing to be happy, and loves her life, men find it very appealing. The opposite of drama would probably be sporting a beautiful smile, and a sense of happiness. Men absolutely love a genuine and gorgeous smile!

2. Brains, Power, and Prestige

I think both genders would agree when I say that intelligence is sexy. Not just sexy, but one of the most attractive qualities in a person. Intelligence doesn't necessarily mean that someone has an elaborate education or a doctorate, etc. However, being intelligent is more so about someone who can carry a conversation, and enjoys learning new things. The more intellectual a man is, the more he'll be interested in finding a woman that's intellectual as well. I was once told by a man that if a woman doesn't have books in her home, he wouldn't date her. That might seem a bit extreme to most, but I can see where he was going with that. 

3. She's Confident

Confident women respect themselves. They carry themselves with elegance. As well, they know their self-worth. Just as much as confidence is sexy in a woman, arrogance is not. A confident woman doesn't waste her time dating men that will treat her poorly. She wants the best. She feels, and acts as though she deserves it.

4. She Takes Care of Herself

Men find it incredibly sexy when a woman cares how she presents herself. When a woman takes care of her body, stays in shape, eats healthy, and generally cares about how she looks, men love it! Men love it when a woman knows how to dress, and has a great fashion sense. Despite how much money her outfits cost or what brands they are, she makes herself look great. As much as men like a woman that takes care of herself, there's no need to spend loads of money on makeup or brand names. The natural look will be just as beautiful to men as a woman that's all done up, if she puts effort into taking care of herself, and looking her best.

5. The Way She Tosses Her Hair

When a woman plays with or tosses her hair, men love it! When it's done in a natural, and delicate way, it can literally make a man that loves to talk speechless. It can even be very arousing.

6. She Has an Opinion of Her Own

Men love it when a woman has an opinion of her own. As long as the woman doesn't feel that she's always right in situations, but she has opinions, and isn't afraid to share them. A woman that knows what she likes is very appealing to a man. She won't be afraid to disagree with what others think or say. She speaks her mind.

7. She's Awkward and Unique

She never seems to blend in with a crowd. She stands out, even when she's not "supermodel material" physically. Something about her is incredibly sexy. She has a way about her that draws people in. Whether it's her crooked teeth, her funny laugh, or her unusual/awkward ways, she's attractive. Perhaps it's her kind heart, confidence, witty personality, or something about her aura. Whatever it is, she's different, she likes her ways, and exudes spice and originality. People tend to copy/imitate her ways, her style, and her image. She's either loved or hated by many (the hate is usually rooted by envy and jealousy).

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