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Thursday, October 1, 2015

15 Things That Women Find Sexy in a Man

Here's the list:

1. The 5 o'clock shadow. Need I say more! I personally think that all beards are sexy, but I admire people that believe in the 3 to 4 day shaving rule. The 3 to 4 day shaving rule consists of letting your beard grow for four days and then shaving, and repeating the process again. As well, a full beard can be very sexy too. 

2. Glasses are sexy. Not just any glasses, but the right glasses, with the right frame, for the right face can be incredibly sexy. Glasses have always come across to people as something that intelligent people wear. But what's most important, is that you have some brains to back it up. 

3. Well groomed feet. It's important for a man to take good care of his feet and keep his skin moisturized and his toenails cut on a regular basis. It's very common these days that men get pedicures, but there's never any need for clear nail polish. Not that anything is wrong with nail polish, but it's not necessary to have perfectly appealing feet. Remember to use moisturizer on your ankles! No one likes dry skin.

4. A man that's confident, but not arrogant is one of the most attractive qualities. A man that is sure of himself, but remains grounded and humble. It's the way that a man carries himself, with charm, class, and pride. He's got swagger, but just enough so that he doesn't come across as too arrogant, because then it will have the opposite effect and become completely unappealing. The perfect swagger can be compared to Vito Corleone played by Robert De Niro in The Godfather Part 2. A truly confident man doesn't need the approval of others, and he portrays that in the way that he carries himself. 

5. There's nothing sexier than a very driven and motivated man. He's a stable man, a planner, and he's hoping to be a good provider one day for his future family. He's willing to put in the hard work, to get the results and the outcome that he'll be happy with. He looks forward to going to work in the morning and doesn't view it as being a drag. He makes a living doing something that he loves and is passionate about. He's very focused on achieving his goals and getting the woman that he wants. A driven and motivated man doesn't settle for less than he feels he deserves. 

6. A man that takes initiative. He's not afraid to make the first move. He goes after what he wants and he's definitely not lazy. He sets out goals and achieves them. He takes the lead, when all others are too afraid, or hesitant. He's a leader, a king, and a powerful man. 

7. When he's into her, she'll like it. It's always sexy to have a man that you're into, be into you as well. Every woman wants her man to love her. When a relationship is healthy, it's always a turn on when her man is crazy into her. 

8. He's classy. He doesn't have to be a wine connoisseur, but that's always sexy. He has good manners and he does things in a very tasteful way. He knows that less is more. He's a gentleman and treats women with respect. He believes in chivalry and enjoys the courting period of dating.

9. He's healthy. He cares about what he puts into his body and knows that there's a lot of truth in the saying "you are what you eat." He eats healthy and lives a predominantly healthy lifestyle. 

10. He takes care of his body. He works out and tries to stay in shape. He's not a beefcake and he doesn't gain too much muscle weight, realizing that cardio is very important when it comes to being toned and athletic looking. He strives to have somewhat of a swimmer's body, with the legs of a runner. In case you're wondering, yes, I invented this man!

11. He has a beautiful head of hair or he's beautifully bald. When a man starts balding, it can be very sexy. There are many women that will disagree with this, but there are also many women that are crazy. There's nothing like kissing the head of a man that you love, and if he's bald, you're even closer to his head, than if he had hair. Don't get me wrong, a beautiful head of hair is always very appealing. I mean, come on! A beautiful head full of lustrous, silky, hair that you can run your hands through, can be fabulous! He's confident in his appearance and he embraces what he has. Whether his hair is perfectly gelled, scruffy and fun, or baldingly beautiful, he's confident about his looks. 

12. Kindness. When a man shows kindness to others, it can be so beautiful. It's irrefutable what they say, that true beauty comes from within. When a man is beautiful on the inside, he shines great beauty on the outside. When a man is kind to people in need, workers, the waiting staff and help in restaurants, etc., it can be very attractive. 

13. Intelligence is one of the most attractive things in a man. The more intellectual a man is, the sexier. Whether a man is highly educated and can back it up with his brains, or incredibly street smart, and can keep up with the times, it can be very attractive. They say that a true intellectual can keep up in a conversation on many different subject matters. An intellectual has knowledge in all areas, some greater than others. He's a great conversationalist.

14. He rarely cries, but when he does, it's from the fear of losing you, missing you, or something of the sort. He's a sensitive man, but he doesn't cry at everything. When he does cry, it usually has to do with love and passion. 

15. Woman like a powerful man. A man who's in charge, or has a leadership role in his work. A man who takes on things and challenges himself, without backing down, and achieving his goals. Everyone knows that a powerful man knows when to quit and when to back down. It truly takes a good powerful man to be aware of that. A good powerful man isn't a jerk, nor an arrogant person, but he's a man that believes in justice. A powerful man can be good or bad, but the good ones are honourable and kind hearted. A powerful man that's good, doesn't take advantage of his leadership role, but he tries to get the job done, without having to cause others pain and discomfort.